Emotional Guidance

It doesn’t matter what language you use for Spirit – only that you MEAN it!
Believe in your own highest good, and you will bring it about.
And so it is.
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:: Your Emotional Guidance ::
Nature designed our bodies to feel *pleasure* when we do things that are good for us and *pain* when we do things that aren’t. For example, eating feels good when you\’re hungry, but it hurts when you’re full. Just as physical feelings are meant to guide us toward physical well-being, *emotions* are a higher order of feelings meant to guide us toward *spiritual* well-being — that is, to guide our thoughts.
When your thoughts are aligned with your Higher Self, you feel pleasure-ful emotions like peace and love. When your thoughts are out of alignment with your Higher Self, you feel painful emotions like fear and resentment.
Today, be mindful of your emotions and notice the thoughts that accompany them. Tell yourself that ALL emotions are good — even the “negative” ones — because they are there to guide you back to your Self. http://dailygroove.net/emotional-guidance
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Secret to the Secret

The Law of Attraction…
So, “The Secret” is that “thoughts become things”. Correct? What you think about, day in and day out, will become how you see the world, how you talk about the world (and yourself and other people in the world), and what your subconscious hears. This, in turn, is what you will vibrate and the Universe will respond to that vibration. Okay. That’s the basics of The Secret.

Now… the secret to The Secret goes one step further. Before you have an action or a word you have a thought. Which we just covered above. “Thoughts become things.” But… what comes before thoughts??? What creates our vibration at a deeper level? It is our feelings. The way we feel is based upon two main things: our experience, our past, our conditioning; and out understanding that we can be in charge of our feelings and thoughts (and hence, our vibration) at both a conscious and subconscious level. And, although I\’m not going to go into how we make shifts in our subconscious in this email.. our feelings do create our vibration and our vibration attracts to us from the Universe. Like attracts like. So, although you say nice things and do nice things if you do them out of guilt, or fear, or anger.. that is how you feel and that is why the Universe brings you the opportunity to experience more guilt, fear, and anger through different situations and people you encounter in your life.

It is an opportunity. Once you consciously understand this you can begin to become aware of how you feel when you are doing daily tasks, when at work, when in traffic, when standing in a long line waiting for coffee, when coming home to your family or meeting up with your loved ones. You see, if you carry a fake smile and do nice things because you want to be a good person or it is expected of you or it is your job but you don\’t feel good while doing them, well, that is why someone spilled their coffee on you when you were running late and then got stuck in road construction en route to an important meeting. A person with a fake smile is the same as person standing depressed but only prettier. A person who is truly happy, joyous, thankful, appreciative, excited, passionate with be radiating. They will shine. They will attract everything they could ever need or desire in their life.
Why? Because they make a habit out of it. When they\’re in traffic, when their in line, when the kids are screaming, when their lover is cranky, when they lose their job, when they have to work late, when their roommates forget to lock the front door repeatedly… they are feeling the best possible feeling in that moment. They are in love with life. Let me say that again so it sinks in… THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH LIFE! Madly in love. Crazy in love. Passionate about their life, about living, about waking up, about seizing the day, about spreading cheer, about being late to work to stop and help someone on the street, about doing random acts of kindness, about donating their time and money FIRST before paying their bills or running around doing errands. They love their life. They feel blessed. And every time they see someone else who is blessed, they appreciate them. Not just because they have an Audi or a nice suit or a confidence look or a successful business but a kid smiling and playing, a cat running, seeing their friend, being blessed they have a car (even if it is not the car they wish they had), being thankful they ate food today, being thankful they have a place to live. But truly feeling blessed and passionate about life and helping others and doing their best. Even if they work at a Fedex Copy Center, they do it with a smile and they listen to people, and they help others.
You never know who you will meet, what opportunities will arrive, what will happen today. So live your day being the best you you can and you will attract the opportunities that will feed your being with more of what you are already feeling. Like attracts like. Thoughts, words, and actions are all important and great but they are empty if the feeling is not behind them. Make every thought, word, and action be centered in joy, love, and appreciation. Make it a habit. And your life will change.
Peace and Blessings,
I am here to hold the space for you and help you shift your energy, then, to understand the process of consciously creating your life.
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\”Your Point of Attraction is how you feel consistenly.\” SMR
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Truth About Stories

“Everybody is a genius. But, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

– Albert Einstein

“The truth about stories is that that’s all we are. The Nigerian storyteller Ben Okri says that ‘In a fractured age, when cynicism is god, here is a possible heresy: we live by stories, we also live in them. One way or another we are living the stories planted in us early or along the way, or we are also living the stories we planted – knowingly or unknowingly – in ourselves. We live stories that either give our lives meaning or negate it with meaninglessness. If we change the stories we live by, quite possibly we change our lives.'”
-Thomas King, The Truth About Stories
(Also included in article by Sean Devlin)
So there is No Reality- only the things we create. Assigning meaning to things generates our reality. What is your approach? How does it feel? Through original thought, we can write our own stories & enact them in the theater of the world-stage. 

Self-Inflicted Suffering

Beloved students, once again I greet you with joy and celebration for the path that each of you is following as you seek to become whole. May you have every blessing imaginable as you continue your spiritual work, both on your own behalf and that of the planet.

…In the West, often the word “suffering” is applied only to what other cultures might term “extreme suffering.” Overlooking the smaller areas of suffering in this way has thus become a Western coping strategy… The simple answer is that people suffer because they want circumstances, situations, conditions and/or relationships to be other than they are. Further, most people not only want certain things to be other than they are, they are also often strongly attached to the way they believe things should be. Here we get a peek into the old craving/aversion spectrum that sits right in the heart of all suffering.


For some people, attaining neutrality is a radical notion. The mind takes off on its own course and demands: “Well what about all the injustice in the world? I can’t be neutral about that, of I’d be condoning it!” In truth, anyone who thinks that he or she can change the way the world appears in the conventional reality is wrestling with a delusion. The only thing that one can actually change is the way he or she sees the world and the conventional reality. Simply stated, you change the world in your own sphere. You learn to “brighten the corner where you are,” as the children’s song goes. The ego mind loves to extend itself way out into the broadest perspective it can muster, focusing on world conditions that are beyond its own reach. In so doing, it foten neglects the people who are right before it, with their needs and suffering going completely unheeded. Or perhaps the ego gets a little bored with those who are closest, and puts forth the vibes – if not the words – “When is she going to get over this? Will she never get a life?”

While one should, of course, hold compassion for the suffering so rampant in the world at large, the real work to be done must occur in the sphere of one’s own influence. If one has the power to benefit countless beings by making a single decision or taking some action, then by all means, he or she should make that decision or take that action. However, some folks have a tendency to lose themselves in obsessing on world conditions over which they, personally, have no power or influence. This is little more than a strategy for avoiding taking action on the goodness that needs to be expressed for those in one’s immediate sphere of experience. It is always fascinating to probe the ingenious way the mind sorts and holds such matters.

In truth, it does not matter where on this fine planet you experience suffering, or in what circumstances. If you are human, you will feel the pangs of suffering. The suffering is your call to plunge beneath the surface of that emotional density and investigate thoroughly the workings of the mind. If you return to the earlier example of taking insult from someone else’s words, upon investigation, you will discover that the suffering was in your mind. While you may have had a problem with the interaction, the other may not have. While the words may have come from the other person, the problem did not. Since the problem cannot come from the event, since all events are actually neutral until interpreted, the only source left for the arising sense of problem-ness is your own mind.

Your task, then, is to take note of how your mind holds the event and the other person, as well as the sense of problem-ness that has arisen in your awareness. As you scrutinize these parts of the experience, you can begin to unravel some of the tangled thoughts and feelings your mind has woven into the knotty web that binds you. Your emotions, which arise in response to your thoughts, give you instant feedback on your thoughts and projections, because they carry the charge that is the clue that you have not reached the level of the great neutrality.


Negotiating the path to neutrality requires more than just analyzing the areas you hold as problems. You are seeking a full disclosure from that ego mind of yours as to how it manages to manipulate you so predictably in the areas it labels as problems. One of the ego’s most powerful ploys is the use of comparing mind. Often, the mind holds that is would be better for you (it) if things were a different way than they are (or appear to be).


In the final analysis, if you want to stop suffering, you have to see what your mind is holding in any given moment that causes you to suffer. In painful or highly charged moments, you simply ask yourself: “How can I hold this differently?” Then, you make a conscious decision to interrupt the mind’s patterned reactions, and you bring forth the integrity to hold yourself to doing so. In a situation, such as the one given above (receiving the insult), you might say to yourself in the moment: “Okay; I’m feeling a charge with those words; I’m feeling insulted, but I’m going to hold this experience as if the other person is just having a bad day.” In making the choice to hold the experience differently, you may even feel some internal point of tension relax. The decision not to believe every thought your mind thinks can be remarkably freeing.

This is a beginning point in “taming” the mind. In truth, nothing can arise within that you cannot tame. Whether or not you know it, you are up to the task of taming that ego mind, and you will, in fact, ultimately succeed at taming it. This taming happens when you come to outsmart it, and to do that, you must first understand how the mind works. You discover how it holds a given experience, and what meaning it places on believing that someone insulted you. By objectively investigating the mind and the ploys it uses, you discover that you can indeed enter the great neutrality. Further, you deactivate developing mind- at least until you are sure you understand what actually happened- which may be different from what the mind interprets as having happened. Ultimately, you discover that taming the mind is the way to stop suffering.

The irony of all this is that, in the end, you actually feel grateful for all those painful moments. Used well, they lead you to clarity. Thus, you thank the mind, for indeed, it is a kind of teacher for you. Reclaim your rightful creative power and just refuse to let it get by with jerking your chain so much. Learn to gently love the ego mind into wholeness. Although it will balk at the suggestion, the ego mind needs to be tamed. Once tamed, it expands from consciousness into consciousness, which is the source of your compassion, your wisdom, your healing and ultimately, your liberation.

Know that you are greatly loved and fully supported in this marvelous journey. I celebrate, as well as cherish, your desire to go free, your desire to bring yourself and the rest of the world a little less suffering.

Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Crystal Placebos

I just finished a book called Crystal Power: the Ultimate Placebo Effect. The author, Lawrence E. Jerome, explains himself as being open to \”new age\” alternatives, but approaches such healing with a critical eye. In his book, Jerome claims that the placebo effect is very real, and could complement modern medicine if it were welcomed and integrated with modern medicine.

The psychological equivalent of the placebo is the Hawthorne effect.

Crystal Power was a fun little book that begins building bridges between models of alternative and western medicine. It made me more aware of my own – and indeed humanity\’s – very innate capabilities. Just imagine: if we are unconsciously healing ourselves 35% of the time simply based on our own intentions (and our doctors), what could we do by channeling that energy in a more direct way?! The power is not in the thing itself (false idol); the crystal is the tool that transmutes our intent into being through conscious ritual acts.

Possibilities are endless. The time is now!

Hologram of Love, Steve Rother

Falling in Love with Yourself

We tell you that love is a form of energy within the spectrum that we call light. Therefore, a hologram that can be created with light can also be created with love. We wish to share with you how to make a hologram of love.

The way we see the expression of human love is in the act of balancing. Each one of you is slightly out of balance with some part of your energy. Find a person who can help you balance that energy and you have great potential for a deep, lasting relationshift. Basically, relationshifts are a mirror. You see yourself through their eyes and you reflect them. When two people come together and form a connection and one person looks into another\’s eyes and sees themselves through those eyes, this is the true reflection of the heart. If you like the person you see through their eyes, you become a friend. If you love the person you see through their eyes, you for a love relationship. The word \”love\” has meant so much and yet so little. It has been so restricted to small areas, including the small area of sexuality and relationships. Humans have developed habits of working with conditional love. Conditional love has worked very well in the lower vibrations of your existence. As you move forward, it is no secret that you will be moving out of conditional love and into unconditional love. You will find that conditional love is a rather unique human invention. Therefore, it is not possible to make a hologram of conditional love.


Let us give you a specific example. Let us say that you have one relationship that means a lot to you. You really care about this person and the relationship between you. We actually see three vibrations here: the two of you and the third vibration, which is the harmonic of the two of you. When the two vibrations meet and support each other they create a third vibration, which we call the relationship.

Many of you are attached to the relationship, not to the love you see reflected. This has to do with your attachment to the idea or concept of love. As you continue to evolve you will begin releasing your attachment to love. This is the first movement into unconditional love. It is not easy to do this, for your history of successes is largely based on conditional love.

What happens is that you look at yourself through this person\’s eyes and you love the reflection you see, so you start to build something with them. Over a period of time you build a relationship. At some point, one or both of you begin to grow very quickly, and the relationship begins to grow apart. If you can start the hologram of love, it can move into a multidimensional level which will make all of these transition\’s easier.

Let us give you some practical examples as to how you can do this. Let us start with a love relationship. Let\’s say that  you fall in love with the way someone makes you feel. Focus on that, and then find another point to fall in love with. Yes, find something else about them that you can fall in love with. Imagine this as a beam of light hitting the target from a different angle. Make it something new a build it as strong as you can. Then find at least one more point that you can fall in love with and do your best to focus and build all of them. You have just created a hologram of love. It is now an energy imprint that stays in the ethers. If the imprint is left unhampered, it will be the form around which energy will naturally gather. The hologram of love can be used to enhance many other things including business, projects and many levels of relationships. All of it is based on unconditional love. It will not create a relationship, because relationships are built rather than created. But it will make a space for the best reflection possible within a relationship and greatly affect communication. Understand that this is your reflection in each of the ways you fall in love with them. In a way you are creating the hologram by falling in love with your own reflection.


Each person is multifaceted. There are different parts of you inside each dimensional reality. If you are able to fall in love with the artist and the healer in someone – different dimensions of that person – then you are able to recognize different aspects of the same person. This too can be used to create a hologram of love that is very magical. It allows you to see yourself in a very unique way, a way that will only get stronger as you move from one level to the other. But it means looking for those possibilities. It means searching for those different parts of this person that you can fall in love with. It also means releasing the restriction – letting go of the fear of falling in love and the fear of being hurt. Are you going to be hurt again? Yes, we pretty much guarantee it. Yes, at least once and maybe more if you are lucky.The more unconditional love that you can bring into each relationship from different angles, the deeper and easier the communications will be and the tendency to grow apart will not be a problem. This will allow you to see a very unique and special view of yourself, and ultimately you fall in love with yourself. When that happens, you will start to release the need for love outside of yourself. That is actually the best point from which to build a relationship – whether it is in a love relationship, with your children at home or boss at work – find those pieces that reflect you well and amplify them.

You may ask: “How can I fall in love with this person more fully? How can I appreciate every aspect of this person? How can I find new things that I am not attached to, but I can love because I see my reflection in them?” You are now at a level of vibration where you can create this energy and walk forward with a new form of love, which will easily move from one level to the next. We have no conditions. That is our expectation of you: none. We love you for being who you are.

The group through Steve Rother 
As published in Sedona, Journal of EMERGENCE! 
July 2008

Secret Life of Plants, Tompkins & Bird

“To Goethe the fact that the action of the root of a plant is directed earthward toward moisture and darkness, whereas the stem or trunk strives skyward in the opposite direction toward the light and the air, was a truly magical phenomenon.

To explain it, Goethe postulated a force opposite, or polar, to Newton’s gravity, to which he gave the name ‘levity.’ ‘Newton… explained to you – or at least was once supposed to explain, why an apple fell; but he never thought of explaining the exact correlative but infinitely more difficult question, how the apple got up there.’ The concept led Goethe to a picture of the earth as being surrounded and penetrated by a field of force in every respect the opposite of the earth’s gravitational field.”

-Peter Tompkins & Christopher Bird
The Secret Life of Plants