Star Seed

The Transcendental Object

…if the monkey body were to be dissolved, then we would be much more likely to define ourselves as pure information. I think this is what is happening – that beyond 2012, everybody becomes everything. All possibilities are realized, even possibilities that are mutually exclusive. Because the resolution and the realization of these possibilities occurs in a different kind of space – \”nanotechnological\” space or psychological space, or a true hyperdimension. It\’s very hard to imagine what it will be like, because we simply do not have the metaphors and the experience to cognize what we are moving toward…

My notion of the posttransition felt experience is that it is a domain where appropriate activity is the path of least resistance… And that\’s a good working definition of what a telepathic society would be like: appropriate activity. It\’s nothing more than that.

Imagine if every problem were solved appropriately, if every relationship evolved appropriately, if every act were an appropriate one. That alone would be the kingdom of heaven. And that is, I think, what we\’re pushing toward. Not cosmic fireworks or the descent of alien being in flying saucers, but simply appropriate activity – empowered, felt experience – and the abandonment of the illusion of separateness.

The Archaic Revival, Terrence McKenna

Becoming Quantum, Kryon


For the Shaman
For two years we have opened the door to quantum cellular shift and we started giving you information that is simply unbelievable. In your DNA there is the Akashic record. All of the lifetimes that you have lived on this planet are there. The Higher-Self has been the same soul energy in every lifetime. Therefore, you\’ve got a friend who participated in every one of them! Up to this point, all of this past life information has been stacked like the ice core [the linear pipe-shaped ice core that contains history as measured by scientists at the poles]. You\’ve got to look along the linear marks and see who you were, perhaps what the energies were and what happened. All of you assumed it was untouchable and in the past, just like looking at an old newspaper.

…If you can pull on your past life energy, you will find DNA that is pure and never had the problem you have now. How? Let me ask you this. Do you love anyone on the planet? If the answer is yes, then I ask you… how?

…Do you see what I’m saying? What is it you wish you could do? What are your blocks? What are the things that you think are you that can\’t be changed? In the Akash, there is also you, many of them. Why don’t you go there and replace the current you with the former you? That is mining the Akash. That’s a quantum Human Being, and it goes way beyond what you were told past life energies were for…

You lived all those lives. Think about that. It’s life experience; it’s wisdom, shaman. Now, go mine it. That’s what the quantum Human Being does. It creates mastery. Think about that.

Kryon o
f Magnetic Service
Sedona, Arizona,
June 13, 2009

Mini Meditation: HOLY COW!

location, two day
a Hindu monastery
sacred cows give milk
fall in place singing
Krishna unravel me through
songs of devotion
time between dark & day
fresh milk flows from gentle cows
I cup the utter
when sun rises up
the breakfast bell rings of rice
& warm milk with spice
come afternoon sun
on my knees in the garden
to worship, light, love
sudden ruckus – WHOA!
Zebos in the new beds – no!
tricky mini cows
she eats tomatoes
hooves crush soil, run Brahma cow
monks will not be pleased!

Hog, Wild

Once upon a time,
There were three WWOOFers
On the farm.

They survived on very little (mostly beans & seaweed),
but camp was a warm place.

They attributed this to the gift, of bacon.

It came from the last generation to occupy those lands.

And from that legacy, the tradition sprouted and grew.
(The new WWOOFers gave it life!)
There, together, huddled in the profundity of the deep woods,
They shared their bacon: the holy grail.

Weeks passed.
Somehow, there was always bacon.
And so, then, there was always love & magic (or magic & love too).
Unfortunate universal reminder: this could never last.

One day, the bacon did, in fact, actually, run out.
No travelers came through with offerings of pork & riches,
It looked like the bacon was really finished.

The WWOOFers were sad.
In the dusky evening they climbed the watertower and
Called out their longing & devotion to the heavens!
The cries echoed through the forest and over the land.

What happened next,
They did not expect:
A reply to their impassioned plea!

Along came Phil,
From over the hill,
Missing his two front teeth!

I gotta pig. You
Can lend a hand to.
Come ’n learn, the magic of your food.

The WWOOFers were ecstatic,
They danced like a crazy batik.
Happy, skipping, tree sprites laughing all the while.

And then, my dear, I do believe,
The WWOOFers proceed & take their leave, to
Live Happily Ever After.

Phil, This one\’s for you. Thanks for the opportunity to experience bacon firsthand, and learn exactly whats where and how to for. You really are an inspiration. Plus, I needed justification for posting this:

Have some love and respect for where your food comes from!