Another Early Summer

It’s been much too warm here with only a couple days of rain. Summer is coming too soon, just like last year.

So I ventured into the snowy pines for a weekend in Strawberry with a group of awesome women. Of course I was nervous and feeling the fatigue of my chronic illness flaring up. But I paced myself and persevered in packing and got on the road!

When I arrived the nerves settled and the magic started. The air was filled with honest conversations, relaxing, laughing and connecting.

On this weekend together in a cabin, we unfolded, opened up and shared parts of ourselves that are often guarded. We expressed our truth and were heard. We cried. We embraced and then laughed and partied and ate. We communed with each other. We were received. It was a harmonious, compassionate celebration of love in action!

We painted!

I came home to two fur babies and a husband who missed me. He made us the dinner I left for him while I was gone- he had ordered a pizza instead.

I relaxed with the cats and ate popcorn. After dinner, I ran an Epsom salt bath.

Cuddle muffins
Put that coconut oil and some apple cider vinegar in there too!

I am carrying the compassion that we as women shared with one another into my daily routine. Let’s take care of ourselves and know we deserve it. We are worthy of self love.

Spill the tea, not the infusion

I was recently introduced to the work of Susun Weed and her Wise Woman Way. She is a Green Witch and teaches about green blessings from her green heart!

She is a simpler- using only one herb at a time. She teaches people how to make nourishing herbal infusions from nettles, red clover, oatstraw, comfrey and linden. Infusions are different from just herbal tea in that they can provide richer benefits.

For tea you use a teaspoon of the herb per 8 oz and steep a few minutes. In contrast, an infusion uses 1 oz of your chosen herb per quart and steep 4-10hrs.

I had been making chilled unsweetened herbal tea on the daily since it’s been so hot. Now I’m drinking nourishing herbal infusions to impart greater benefits from our plant allies!

Susun offers free courses and videos on how to build your immune system so that you only have a mild case of the flu when you get it.

Check out her website at

Or this video where she makes a nettle infusion!

Nettle Infusion and nettle tea
Mullein infusion