Stealing Home

RoADTRIP 2009, Week 4:

Well, I was pitched a curve ball – through the inside of my passenger window. After swimming in the most delightful Yuba River with new friends, I returned to find my car HACKED. (On this day of your life, I believe God wants you to know that there is something \’wrong\’ with everything.) Broken passenger window. Stolen purse: phone, driver’s license, credit and debit cards, cash, medical & insurance cards, pendulum, books, study materials & a new pair of needle nose pliers! The layers of lost are still hitting me and without an atlas, I have no idea where to begin finding. I\’m in the middle of nowhere with nothing! (No matter what you are looking at, you can find something wrong with it, something imperfect, something that is not okay with you. But, there is also something \’right\’ with everything. No matter what you are looking at, you can find something right with it, something perfect.) Like all the things that are still in my backseat: camera, laptop, ipod, great grandmother\’s wedding ring, and underwear. With a window out, the wind is now IN – my hair!

i feel very light

2:28 PM almost like floating…

its a real life changing experience to be so excited about the fact that you can afford to buy a new toothbrush with the change in your back seat

What is the meaning of these items that have gone? And those that have stayed, what do they have yet to teach? Stop; meditate and fast in the woods until… you’ve let go. Release grip on material realities. See spirit shining through. “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will,” said Mahatma Gandhi. (There remains, then, only one question: What are you going to look at? What are you choosing to notice? What is your perspective? -Neale Donald Walsch) Appreciating those near me now and humbled as I see, these bonds connect me, to what I need. Joy and Gratitude, Love and Light – such is, the case

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RoADTRIP 2009, Week 2 & 3:

Since diving into uncharted territory I have plenty of stories, but not so many words. Here is a list of recent activities*, sprinkled in amongst the wisdom I\’ve managed. So you can get a feel for it-

You put your right hand in and you shake it all about!
Hey! …what if the hokey pokey IS what its all about?

If u c wine or peaches in fruita STOP!
To: Bro, Sent: Jul 5, 3:49 pm
To: Julie, Sent: Jul 5, 5:49 pm
Niiice horchata!
To: Yessica, Sent: Jul 5, 6:30 pm
Im done- how u?
To: Bro, Sent: Jul 6, 1:18 pm
U good? other couple made it to mi 4.5 and back
To: Bro, Sent: Jul 6, 2:37 pm
Thank you.
To: Russell, Sent: Jul 6, 4:33 pm
I ate leftover pancakes. theyve got da strawberry,
which isnt a straw or a berry!

To: Julie, Sent: Jul 7, 12:36 am

*21st Birthday Party at the Warehouse
*Homemade Pizza Grilling Party in Canyon Cabin
*Amber Ash on the Ohm
*Swim in Reservoir
*Abyssinians – Roots Reggae @ Urban Lounge

Wake up. have your coffee. text case. im doin an edible facial.

To: Julie, Sent: Jul 15, 12:27 pm

***Since this post regards daily conversation with those closest to me, I will preface (more like mid-face) with some words of wisdom, sent to me by my mother. (LOVE YOUR MOTHER) I love this message from neale and wanted to pass it on to you. Mary
> On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…
> …that all families have troubles in them. Problem-free families do not exist. Indeed, the challenges in families are family\’s greatest gifts.
> How else could we be healed of all the false notions we have about what it means to be human? How else could we learn of real love, and of true compassion, and of total acceptance?
> There is, of course, nothing to learn. There is only for us to remember what we have always known. And families give us the greatest opportunity to do that. Therefore, don\’t condemn \”Uncle Charlie\” or \”Aunt Matilda\”. Rather, embrace them even more fully, and show them what it means to be fully human…so that they can find their way back home.
> Love, Your Friend….Neale Donal Walsh author of Conversations With God

…w biscotti!
To: Julie, Sent: Jul 15, 12:27 pm

*Purple Cauliflower – grilled, mashed, in a bouquet

Its ten A.M!

To: Melissa, Sent: Jul 15, 12:55 pm

*Meeting long lost Uncles
…and aunts and cousins and babies yet to be born
*Free Black Keys Concert downtown SLC
*Searching for Atlas One Time

Its legit.

To: Julie, Sent: Jul 16, 1:18 pm
U coming over here?
To: Frannie, Sent: Jul 16, 3:11 pm

*Parking in the Garage @ Salt Lake City Farmer\’s Market
*Belgian Waffles made by a Belgian man
w creme fresh and local raspberries
*Toga Party w/ Fire Dancers
*A Mormon Wedding
*Trailer Warming BBQ
*Searching for Atlas Two Times

What WILL she do next??
Is that a birthday cake or a cowboy hat?


To: Bro, Sent: Jul 21, 9:10 pm
I made MASH cauliflower w garlic- delish!
To: Darlene, Sent: Jul 18, 2:21 pm
Think ima bypass errands and go work on fixing this rack-
To: Frannie, Sent: Jul 18, 12:08 pm
Hooking it up to the tree for some wilderness wifi

I To: Frannie, Sent: Jul 22, 11:16 am
Me 2!

To: Russell, Sent: Jul 22, 1:42 pm
Yo mamas x-husbands sisters daughter! Ya heard.
To: Julie, Sent: Jul 22, 8:19 pm

*Studying The Crystal Bible, Astrology
*Drawing Natal Charts
*Talking about how pinecones reflect the perfectly balanced masculine and feminine energies that created it: the seed of new life.
*Case of Cauliflower

Nettie action w da E.O.s ROCKs …like quartz! and ure here.
To: Frannie, Sent: Jul 23, 1:01 pm

I hope this has been informative for you. More to come.
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\”Hello! I am…

adjective 1 she was absent from home / an absent child AWAY, off, out, nonattending, truant; off duty, on holiday, on leave; gone, missing, unavailable, nonexistent; informal AWOL, playing hooky. ANTONYM present.
2 an absent look DISTRACTED, preoccupied, inattentive, vague, absorbed, abstracted, unheeding, oblivious, distrait, absentminded, dreamy, far away, in a world of one\’s own, lost in thought, in a brown study; blank, empty, vacant; informal miles away. ANTONYM attentive, alert.
verb (absent oneself); Rose absented herself from the theatre STAY AWAY, be absent, withdraw, retire, take one\’s leave, remove oneself.

I\’ve been gone some time now.
And I guess you are beginning to wonder,
Well, so am I –
Beginning to wonder!
Beginning to-ward wonder!
…seems that every time i plan something – another thing happens to modify the initial plan. much unfolds from this rolling in, in rolling with the waves of consciousness (like kneading to be loaved) Note: expect the unexpected. I\’m not thinking anything. I\’m going to see what comes. On the wind! Over the plane! In my heart. I just trust – it will work itself out. @ each crossroads, each division: new opportunities – many paths to take. how can i tell you? where are the words? none define the moment, the feeling of now.

And I go. A new chapter has begun. I’m off – under construction – new structure. i dont know if im moving so much as i am floating westward. i love it: life on the road, floatin\’ on the wind, not knowing. you really feel the love when you are doing this. communing with brothers and sisters, trading our healing arts – studying mystic astrology to gain a more complex understanding of all the planetary forces and energies and how they co-mingle. networking, exchanging energy, i say hello, …hello, hello! I am a planetary force! This is a much needed retreat. Looking forward to garden goddess greens…

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