Pink Chalcedony

Chalcedony taking over my coffee table

We went to Tonopah, Arizona to hunt chalcedony, fire agate and druzy quartz.

One of my favorite pieces

We made a flag with a metal pole, rubber band and a scarf. We planted it atop a hill near where we parked the car. Then the three of us descended upon the desert for five hours, searching.

We picked up many many rocks on two tours of the area. I found a cobalt blue glass soda bottle. We saw a couple baby tarantulas. We heard someone on a dirt bike in the distance. We drove out at dusk, following our own tire tracks back to the road through the creosote.

Spoils of the first tour
Baby tarantula
Bowl of chalcedony

Fuk It Soup

Fuk it. At 8 pm last night I finally decide to make fuk soup and it turns out it’s Fuk-ing amazing! This recipe is from 90 Day Fiance’s Annie and David. When I see glass noodles in the meatballs, I know this soup is going to be fun!

Squash Soup

This soup is made with winter melon aka chayote. Fuk is Thai for any squash or gourd-like vegetable.

Soup over rice with Daikon slice

Spill the Tea

Gongfu tea table

I have been a little obsessed with learning new styles of tea making. I am practicing a style from China called Gongfu, which means right effort.

The brewing vessel is called a gaiwan. It is designed to brew leaves in many small infusions. To start, give the tea a 10 second wash and discard by pouring over your tea creature (and into the tea tray.) Then infuse using progressively longer times and hotter water.

I really enjoy the complexity of oolong (a hybrid of green and black tea) and Pu’reh (fermented.) I’ve been trying different varieties from The Tea Spot and Yunnan Sourcing. Check out this four year old fermented Pu’reh tea in a tangerine peel (below!)

Tea shelf
4 year Pu’reh

Jimminy in the cabinet

I guess we are really really really lucky cause we’ve had a cricket take up residence in our kitchen for the past couple weeks!

Every night they sing and I follow the sound (warmer… colder… warmer…) until I zero in on their exact location. For a week it was the cabinet to the left of the stove. Last week it was a different cabinet! Then a couple days ago, jiminy went over to the hutch.

I suspect this magical adventure is sponsored by Elvis, who is a professional cricket catcher and loves to share his catch with the family.

Cricket Cabinet

PS- Hope you enjoyed my dusty cupboard! 😬

Rare Footage

Happy Camper

As you know Biggie Smalls jumps the fence a hundred times a day to patrol his domain.

Today, Elvis made a dash for it and somehow eluded a camera notification!! When he came running up the front sidewalk, I went back through the footage to find this special moment in time.

Elvis and the gate