MERRY Halloween!

This year for Halloween I embraced my inner St. Nick! I put on my jolly with a pillow under my belt to celebrate the Eve of All Hallows. In my travels throughout the night I got some very important business taken care of, as it is my duty to know who has been bad and good (so be good for goodness sake)!

First I met my cousins, the R-well gals. We were on the phone playing a live game of Where\’s Waldo. They told me to wave so we could find each other. I threw my arm up with a big, \”Ho! Ho! Ho!\” and across the street two young ladies threw their heads back in delight! Found you!

We continued down the cobblestone lane, past all the fruits of the loom, and I came face to face with a double of myself: an identical Claus. The moment was surreal: this other Santa was standing next to a penguin and as soon as I met him head on, another penguin appeared next to me. The four of us stood there across from our carbon copies as if we were standing in a mirror box. We had just frozen time. A seam must have torn apart to sponsor this moment so I sewed myself back into the crowd.

At the Waterfront I happened upon Grandma, who got run over by a reindeer. She was a slightly befuddled in her nightclothes with curlers in her hair, but charming despite the hoof prints. I apologized for the herd\’s clumsiness. \”The team is undergoing a rigorous training regimen to ensure the safety of everyone this Christmas,\” I assured her. \”But since you are so delightful and understanding, I am forwarding your name straight to Nice!\”

At the bar I invited those who wanted a one on one meeting: \”Now who wants to sit on Santa\’s lap?!\” And of course, in came Clark Kent! He was looking quite sharp in his business attire, but perhaps the secret was out because his S emblazoned undershirt was showing. Kent was clearly concerned about Lex Luther. I told him I would see what my reckless reindeer could do about that. Kent\’s next wish was for Lois: some nice lingerie. \”Now that\’s the spirit of giving that I like to see! Bravo Clark! You\’ve made the nice list this year!\”

Just about everyone made the nice list this year because it was such a joyful All Saints Eve! I even spied Grandma breaking it down with Rudolph on the dance floor! Boy was it a heartening sight to see those two together! It made me so Happy about Christmas that all the way home I cheered, \”Merry Halloween!\”

Amethyst Orb

Perhaps you have seen this marble before. It\’s my favorite. (Well, it\’s the only one, but I wouldn\’t want to imply that I\’ve lost all the others.) This is a hand blown amethyst marble.

Bryce (Briz-NICE) is the brilliant one who generously guided me on rock-out(ing)s. He was kneeling over to inspect some stone while I stood over him, focused in the periphery, that is, slightly unfocused. I looked down at my feet and the color, the lines – it stuck out, that perfect little circle, it was probably trash, but then it wasn\’t. It was beautiful! It had been beating around bushes on the North Colorado plain for perhaps one hundred and fifty years! It was waiting to be found. It found me. I\’ve been in love ever since.

Bryce said that this is an artifact from colonial times – i.e. settlers in wagons! It was formed by heating an amethyst cord and cutting off a piece that is allowed to roll down a spiral shoot, thus finding its shape. I think that is lovely and poetic.

I just didn\’t realize how profound my favorite find was until a couple of days ago while ruminating over old scrapbooks. I was reading about my travel adventures on the Big Sur Coast in the summer of 2003. It was there, overlooking the ocean, by the light of a campfire that I hesitantly embarked upon my first vision quest. I was seasoned to go and found my guide: a spider (A spider? [Yeah, that\’s what I said!]) Spider was friendly enough and scuttled off expecting me to follow. Spider led to lands unknown. I hardly knew how real this journey would become, but I took the messages to heart and so of course they are in my presence. While traveling I picked up a stick and a marble.

In 2006, I found that marble. Now, I know. Wow.

Just an FYI: the altar that the marble rests on is my great grandmother Goldie\’s wedding ring. I feel so blessed to be the caretaker of such a remarkable family heirloom. It is so tiny that it only fits on my pinky finger. Engraved on the inside it reads: CEO and CLT Aug 14 1902.
(Charles Elwood Oliver and Caroline Laporte Taylor. When I found the marble I was living on Laporte Avenue. Great Grandma Goldie and I share the same birthday: September 7th. )

Ouroboros, tail devourer

My first inspiring experience with snakes was in high school. I was volunteering for a park program called Scales & Tales, which traveled throughout the community introducing people to native reptiles & birds of prey – face to face. We went to summer camps and the state fair handling animals so that people could learn more about their message. We learned a lot in the process. It was wonder-full! By fostering positive encounters with the animals themselves, we helped people understand that humans can co-exist with wildlife in a healthy manner. This is a much-needed program, and I would pass on the knowledge gained here again and again over the years.

For instance, at the trail-head for Maryland Heights one day, I came across a man jumping up & down and dancing like a monkey all over! He was warding his wife and little girl away from something by the trail, while grabbing stones to hurdle towards it. Now I thought everyone knew that there is no creature in the woods of Maryland that warrants this type of reaction. These techniques may have sufficed in the time of the caveman, but nowadays we should know better! I walked right up to diffuse the situation and found a garter snake hastily climbing the hill. Just like that, crisis was diverted: man and his family went on their way in peace, and so did the snake – Shu!

Just look at the way his tongue flickers! How cute!?

Tonight, as you can see above, Ory has digested last week\’s dinner enough to come out and play. Actually, what we do is more like hanging out. At least, he hangs. Often, I stand. But that is only a technicality. While he hugs my neck, I take the opportunity to clean the tank a bit. We waltz into the bathroom to refill the water bowl. Upon return I stop…

I offer him the bowl.

Poised over the water, Ouroboros\’ nose takes a dive, and without breaking surface tension his jowls swallow like the waves do roll. He slurps down a delightful drink; it was such a precious moment! Now he is back at home under his log and we are playing a breakout game of peek-a-boo!

The seed takes flight.

and so it is
life unfolding

tonight I am given the
image of a Grand Piano
living my grand plan
offered help, in any amount
I need only be here
focusing in presence
giving strength to intuition
making peace, nurturing space
where dreams manifest
(in a way which I could not imagine:
\”Oh, life – you bugger – what a funny surprise!
Never saw that one coming!\”)
do not ask how
just feel it choose it

Make space make a space
make a space to make a space
play! stay loose stretch
eat bake run! get dressed
go outside catch yourself
improvising. just be
clear your breath
life is sacred all life is sacred
today is not a means to an end
in this moment there is more power
than any earthly accomplishment
all fleeting
except one invisible, but
right before us
it is now it is god it is
sweet surrender.

The seed takes flight.

In love, deep
romantic love
with the universe
we are matter
all matter only
matter no matter
why not exist in
this moment\’s peace
completely present
you see so much of

Pray without Ceasing, Unity Book

We search for God with all our heart when we pray without ceasing. We pray without ceasing when we look for the good in all we encounter and try to draw it forth.

To pray without ceasing does not mean that we constantly think about God or that we keep the word, “God! God!” on our lips.

We pray without ceasing when we habitually meet whatever comes to us with faith and with love, with a mind to draw from the event all that it has to give, with a willingness to do whatever has to be done to make the most and the best of it.

We pray without ceasing when we refer the events of life to God.

We do this not so much by having times to pray – though we need these – as by acting all the time, as much as we are able, with courage, faith, love, power, and intelligence. We do this not so much by speaking words as by our inward attitude.

To pray without ceasing is to keep our heart attuned to what God means in life.

God is. Infinite, perfect, absolute. Beyond all that we can say of God.

But in the life of human beings, God is those human qualities which are most Godlike.

God is faith… courage… love… intelligence… energy… order.

Faith may be falling on our knees, but it is more likely to be standing firm or walking on. It may be waiting. It may be working. It may be daring to step out on uneasy waters. It may be just doing to step out.

Courage may be making courageous affirmations about life, but it is more likely to be going forward when we would rather have gone back. Courage may be standing still when we would rather have run away. Courage may be running away when we would rather have stood firm.

Love may be throwing ourselves at the feet of the Lord devotedly, but love may also be giving a gift we would rather have kept for ourselves. Love may be speaking a longed-for word. Love may be withholding a word we should not speak. Love may be binding up wounds, sometimes wounds we cause. Love may be setting someone free – sometimes someone we would like to bind us. Love may be putting another’s good ahead of our own. Love may be feeling how others feel. Love may be living with others and living for others.

Intelligence may be thinking about God. But intelligence may just be thinking clearly. Intelligence may be quiet listening. Intelligence may be original insight. Intelligence may be seeing through facts to the truth.

Laughter may be prayer. So may tears.

To shoulder a heavy load with a light heart is to meet things with God. To be deeply moved by the need of another human being, by noble action, by beauty, or truth – this is to be aware of God.

Standing still may be a prayer. So, too, may action.

One of the highest forms of prayer is work. Give yourself to a creative purpose. Let your mind and hands be absorbed in bringing forth some good thing – a field of wheat, or a poem, or a machine – and you draw very close to God.

God is the creative spirit. When you give yourself to the working of that Spirit, you are one with God.

To pray without ceasing is to put God in charge of your life. It is to look for direction. It is to expect inspiration.

It is to feel that you are serving the ends and purposes of life more than your own ends, and to make your own ends – as much as you can – life’s ends.

It is, in a sense, to have one prayer always in your mind:
“Here am I, God – Life, Love, Humankind – use me.”



You aren’t receiving positive results because you’re struggling too much to solve the problem. By letting go, you’re opening yourself up to a miraculous resolution.

Problems are caused by human thinking and action. That’s why problems aren’t solved by additional human thinking and action. When we think hard or struggle to resolve a crisis, things can actually get worse.

By drawing this card, you are being asked to stop the human struggle. Stop thinking about the problem, since a focus on negativity can manifest even more negativity. Say aloud or silently: I AM WILLING TO SURRENDER THIS SITUATION TO MY CREATOR RIGHT NOW. I AM WILLING TO SURRENDER THIS SITUATION TO MY CREATOR RIGHT NOW! WHEN I LET GO, EVERYTHING TURNS OUT PERFECTLY.

Expect a miracle. You have prayed for assistance, and it is forthcoming. The more completely you surrender your situation to God, the more rapidly you will realize your healing.

Heaven is completely on your side & your prayers have been heard & answered. You needn’t beg or petition the universe to help you, as your situation is already healed in truth. The healed reality is one of several parallel realities currently available to you. You have the choice, through your thoughts, emotions & intentions to experience the highest possible reality for yourself.

You access your healed situation through faith & gratitude. To feel these powerful catalyzing emotions, affirm: I AM TIRED OF THINKING ABOUT THIS SITUATION. I DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH IT ANY LONGER. HERE, I’M GIVING IT TO YOU, SO YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IT & RESOLVE IT. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING CARE OF EVERYTHING! Then, detach completely from the situation. Become a witness. See yourself placing it in the palm of God’s hand. Feel grateful, your situation is now resolved. Your situation is healed. Be open to the creative solution that greets you. In truth, everything and everyone, including self, is healed right now. Focus on this truth instead of illusions of fear.

You are receiving guidance from your true self, your higher consciousness, which is one with Divine universal wisdom. You are listening to love rather than fear.

This card is a validation that your recent feelings, thoughts, aspirations & dreams are coming from spirit. You have been asking for Divine guidance, and your higher self has answered your prayers. Your spiritual path has helped you hear this voice because you’ve taken the time to listen. Perhaps you’ve begun a meditation or yoga practice, and this has helped you quiet your mind. Or maybe you’ve put your foot down to the Universe and have adamantly decided to improve your life. Whichever route you’ve taken is working very well. Now, the fairies ask you to keep having conversations with your higher consciousness. This will involve carving out time away from noise & stress. You may need to take frequent nature walks, join a spiritual support group, or go on retreat. By quieting your life & your mind, the voice of your higher consciousness becomes increasingly loud & clear. It guides you perfectly through all life areas. I EASILY HEAR AND UNDERSTAND THE INNER VOICE OF SPIRIT!

I drew these three fairy tarots at the end of the “visit” and the beginning of “living,” in California. My home is always on my back; it is everywhere I go. I couch crashed my first week on the road. It was a time when I was confused, but stayed the course, trusting that my heart would guide me on the path. Today, I hear my heart with greater clarity than ever before. I have a taste of the teachings in these readings. The journey continues, as I discover a deepening sense of inner peace. Namaste.