Hologram of Love, Steve Rother

Falling in Love with Yourself

We tell you that love is a form of energy within the spectrum that we call light. Therefore, a hologram that can be created with light can also be created with love. We wish to share with you how to make a hologram of love.

The way we see the expression of human love is in the act of balancing. Each one of you is slightly out of balance with some part of your energy. Find a person who can help you balance that energy and you have great potential for a deep, lasting relationshift. Basically, relationshifts are a mirror. You see yourself through their eyes and you reflect them. When two people come together and form a connection and one person looks into another\’s eyes and sees themselves through those eyes, this is the true reflection of the heart. If you like the person you see through their eyes, you become a friend. If you love the person you see through their eyes, you for a love relationship. The word \”love\” has meant so much and yet so little. It has been so restricted to small areas, including the small area of sexuality and relationships. Humans have developed habits of working with conditional love. Conditional love has worked very well in the lower vibrations of your existence. As you move forward, it is no secret that you will be moving out of conditional love and into unconditional love. You will find that conditional love is a rather unique human invention. Therefore, it is not possible to make a hologram of conditional love.


Let us give you a specific example. Let us say that you have one relationship that means a lot to you. You really care about this person and the relationship between you. We actually see three vibrations here: the two of you and the third vibration, which is the harmonic of the two of you. When the two vibrations meet and support each other they create a third vibration, which we call the relationship.

Many of you are attached to the relationship, not to the love you see reflected. This has to do with your attachment to the idea or concept of love. As you continue to evolve you will begin releasing your attachment to love. This is the first movement into unconditional love. It is not easy to do this, for your history of successes is largely based on conditional love.

What happens is that you look at yourself through this person\’s eyes and you love the reflection you see, so you start to build something with them. Over a period of time you build a relationship. At some point, one or both of you begin to grow very quickly, and the relationship begins to grow apart. If you can start the hologram of love, it can move into a multidimensional level which will make all of these transition\’s easier.

Let us give you some practical examples as to how you can do this. Let us start with a love relationship. Let\’s say that  you fall in love with the way someone makes you feel. Focus on that, and then find another point to fall in love with. Yes, find something else about them that you can fall in love with. Imagine this as a beam of light hitting the target from a different angle. Make it something new a build it as strong as you can. Then find at least one more point that you can fall in love with and do your best to focus and build all of them. You have just created a hologram of love. It is now an energy imprint that stays in the ethers. If the imprint is left unhampered, it will be the form around which energy will naturally gather. The hologram of love can be used to enhance many other things including business, projects and many levels of relationships. All of it is based on unconditional love. It will not create a relationship, because relationships are built rather than created. But it will make a space for the best reflection possible within a relationship and greatly affect communication. Understand that this is your reflection in each of the ways you fall in love with them. In a way you are creating the hologram by falling in love with your own reflection.


Each person is multifaceted. There are different parts of you inside each dimensional reality. If you are able to fall in love with the artist and the healer in someone – different dimensions of that person – then you are able to recognize different aspects of the same person. This too can be used to create a hologram of love that is very magical. It allows you to see yourself in a very unique way, a way that will only get stronger as you move from one level to the other. But it means looking for those possibilities. It means searching for those different parts of this person that you can fall in love with. It also means releasing the restriction – letting go of the fear of falling in love and the fear of being hurt. Are you going to be hurt again? Yes, we pretty much guarantee it. Yes, at least once and maybe more if you are lucky.The more unconditional love that you can bring into each relationship from different angles, the deeper and easier the communications will be and the tendency to grow apart will not be a problem. This will allow you to see a very unique and special view of yourself, and ultimately you fall in love with yourself. When that happens, you will start to release the need for love outside of yourself. That is actually the best point from which to build a relationship – whether it is in a love relationship, with your children at home or boss at work – find those pieces that reflect you well and amplify them.

You may ask: “How can I fall in love with this person more fully? How can I appreciate every aspect of this person? How can I find new things that I am not attached to, but I can love because I see my reflection in them?” You are now at a level of vibration where you can create this energy and walk forward with a new form of love, which will easily move from one level to the next. We have no conditions. That is our expectation of you: none. We love you for being who you are.

The group through Steve Rother 
As published in Sedona, Journal of EMERGENCE! 
July 2008

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