Green Mantis

Watering the potted cactus on the front porch and I run into my buddy!

I dash for my camera- the mantis my captive subject. It always freaks me out how their pupils follow me. I have respect for this little creature but I also do NOT want to get landed on! Photo session complete, I decide to let my buddy alone.

I peek out on the porch a couple minutes later and the mantis is POOF- nowhere to be found. I run into him enough, that I know we’ll be seeing each other again soon.

Cicadas eyes are watching you. They see your every move!

Story Medicine

It is so tempting to use our energy worrying about others. It’s easy to redirect our attention to those around us, rather than confront an uncomfortable truth of our own.

1. Master Your Self

2. Honor the Free Choice of Others

I adopted these practices at the beginning of the year. I’m focusing on my personal growth and healing. I am learning to set boundaries that support my wellbeing.

I go to craniosacral therapy weekly. It makes me stop and “do nothing,” which I always need help with. It relaxes my muscles, calms my nerves and slows down my mind, making space for me to BE in my body!

I am healing myself from an injury in 1999 where I fell 6′ onto my head from the high jump. I have a chronic twist from the torque applied to my torso in that fall. I believe my psoas, diaphragm, stomach, nervous system, shoulder, neck and spine were affected.

Part of me is afraid to unwind all that is twisted up in my body from a twenty year old trauma. I am surrendering that idea and giving over to trusting myself.

On the table I breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. I try to let thoughts drift by. I face the fact that my mind can not unlock this puzzle and doesn’t need to think in this moment. My body will show the way.

In the spring I embraced the metaphor of blossoming as part of my healing story. I had a couple sessions where I could visualize the energy through my torso like a yin yang of dark shadowy space and white light space. A wavy line separating light and dark as if it were an energetic fault in my body.

I have the sensation of a gong moving through me- vibrating, releasing and rebalancing.

I’m hearing my body speak. I’m experiencing it in new ways. I’m moving back in to renewed awareness of parts of me. Being fully present and connected to it feels like coming home. My fingers and toes tingle.

Stuck energy is evaporating away, layer by layer. I’m unwinding. I’m learning to relax fully and deeply. I’m realizing it takes practice to relieve stress but that I alone can empower myself to heal.

Autumn awaits and with it the harvest. I have set boundaries with people in my life as a form of self care. I ask permission and want to be asked permission. I speak my needs from a loving place. I look for positive ways to connect where everyone is comfortable. It can feel uncomfortable to have the conversation, but it’s important to be truthful up front so that everyone can be happy.

Two weeks ago on the table, I had a sense of all the people that I care about circled around me. I saw and felt the energetic connection to each person as pure love. I put aside worry, discord and any need to fix anything between us. I trust others’ choices for their life and love them no matter what! I honor them.

I am here, at the center of this beautiful circle.

My awareness moves into the bubble that I inhabit. Here. I am safe. I trust myself. I find myself, loving myself, sending love to others and surrounded by people that I love no matter the circumstance. All of my friends and family surround me in a harmonious and balanced way.

I am prompted to speak my truth and tell my story. I am meeting my higher self- a melting inward.

Lemon Leaf Tea

Since I learned to feed my lemon tree three times a year, it gives me fruit! Right now the fruit is still green and camouflaged in the leafy canopy. I checked in with my tree yesterday and noticed that some of the “branches” were not woody or thorny; they were suckers that need to be pruned. Without the suckers, more energy can flow to the fruit-bearing branches.

I cut and bundled the suckers in my hands and as I did, a soft hint neroli tickled my nose! The tree is not flowering yet, but looks AND smells like it’s getting ready.

As I enjoyed the sensory experience of these prickly branches, I remembered being in the kitchen of a client and his wife. We were sitting at the island and she was heating up dinner for him and the contractors who were working out back. She had beautiful citrus trees and grape vines covering her yard. As I admired them, she told me that both lemon and grape leaves make a nutritive tea. She served me a cup with honey.

I’m going to make lemon leaf tea!

It was quite the epiphany. I removed leaves from the stems, then washed and dried them. I weighed 2 ounces of leaf into a 1/4 gallon mason jar, poured boiling water to the brim and sealed with a lid for 4-12 hours. When I popped the seal and strained the tea it was an amazing almost neon yellow color! And the flavor was just as inspiring- a harmony of light, lemon and leafiness. Next time I’m going to crush the leaves a bit before brewing.

It’s hard to find any information about lemon leaf and it’s preparations or beneficial qualities. If you have any stories or recipes, I’d be happy to hear them.