Emotional Guidance

It doesn’t matter what language you use for Spirit – only that you MEAN it!
Believe in your own highest good, and you will bring it about.
And so it is.
THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle www.enjoyparenting.com/dailygroove
:: Your Emotional Guidance ::
Nature designed our bodies to feel *pleasure* when we do things that are good for us and *pain* when we do things that aren’t. For example, eating feels good when you\’re hungry, but it hurts when you’re full. Just as physical feelings are meant to guide us toward physical well-being, *emotions* are a higher order of feelings meant to guide us toward *spiritual* well-being — that is, to guide our thoughts.
When your thoughts are aligned with your Higher Self, you feel pleasure-ful emotions like peace and love. When your thoughts are out of alignment with your Higher Self, you feel painful emotions like fear and resentment.
Today, be mindful of your emotions and notice the thoughts that accompany them. Tell yourself that ALL emotions are good — even the “negative” ones — because they are there to guide you back to your Self. http://dailygroove.net/emotional-guidance
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Copyright (c) 2012 by Scott Noelle

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