Emotional Guidance

It doesn’t matter what language you use for Spirit – only that you MEAN it!
Believe in your own highest good, and you will bring it about.
And so it is.
THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle www.enjoyparenting.com/dailygroove
:: Your Emotional Guidance ::
Nature designed our bodies to feel *pleasure* when we do things that are good for us and *pain* when we do things that aren’t. For example, eating feels good when you\’re hungry, but it hurts when you’re full. Just as physical feelings are meant to guide us toward physical well-being, *emotions* are a higher order of feelings meant to guide us toward *spiritual* well-being — that is, to guide our thoughts.
When your thoughts are aligned with your Higher Self, you feel pleasure-ful emotions like peace and love. When your thoughts are out of alignment with your Higher Self, you feel painful emotions like fear and resentment.
Today, be mindful of your emotions and notice the thoughts that accompany them. Tell yourself that ALL emotions are good — even the “negative” ones — because they are there to guide you back to your Self. http://dailygroove.net/emotional-guidance
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Secret to the Secret

The Law of Attraction…
So, “The Secret” is that “thoughts become things”. Correct? What you think about, day in and day out, will become how you see the world, how you talk about the world (and yourself and other people in the world), and what your subconscious hears. This, in turn, is what you will vibrate and the Universe will respond to that vibration. Okay. That’s the basics of The Secret.

Now… the secret to The Secret goes one step further. Before you have an action or a word you have a thought. Which we just covered above. “Thoughts become things.” But… what comes before thoughts??? What creates our vibration at a deeper level? It is our feelings. The way we feel is based upon two main things: our experience, our past, our conditioning; and out understanding that we can be in charge of our feelings and thoughts (and hence, our vibration) at both a conscious and subconscious level. And, although I\’m not going to go into how we make shifts in our subconscious in this email.. our feelings do create our vibration and our vibration attracts to us from the Universe. Like attracts like. So, although you say nice things and do nice things if you do them out of guilt, or fear, or anger.. that is how you feel and that is why the Universe brings you the opportunity to experience more guilt, fear, and anger through different situations and people you encounter in your life.

It is an opportunity. Once you consciously understand this you can begin to become aware of how you feel when you are doing daily tasks, when at work, when in traffic, when standing in a long line waiting for coffee, when coming home to your family or meeting up with your loved ones. You see, if you carry a fake smile and do nice things because you want to be a good person or it is expected of you or it is your job but you don\’t feel good while doing them, well, that is why someone spilled their coffee on you when you were running late and then got stuck in road construction en route to an important meeting. A person with a fake smile is the same as person standing depressed but only prettier. A person who is truly happy, joyous, thankful, appreciative, excited, passionate with be radiating. They will shine. They will attract everything they could ever need or desire in their life.
Why? Because they make a habit out of it. When they\’re in traffic, when their in line, when the kids are screaming, when their lover is cranky, when they lose their job, when they have to work late, when their roommates forget to lock the front door repeatedly… they are feeling the best possible feeling in that moment. They are in love with life. Let me say that again so it sinks in… THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH LIFE! Madly in love. Crazy in love. Passionate about their life, about living, about waking up, about seizing the day, about spreading cheer, about being late to work to stop and help someone on the street, about doing random acts of kindness, about donating their time and money FIRST before paying their bills or running around doing errands. They love their life. They feel blessed. And every time they see someone else who is blessed, they appreciate them. Not just because they have an Audi or a nice suit or a confidence look or a successful business but a kid smiling and playing, a cat running, seeing their friend, being blessed they have a car (even if it is not the car they wish they had), being thankful they ate food today, being thankful they have a place to live. But truly feeling blessed and passionate about life and helping others and doing their best. Even if they work at a Fedex Copy Center, they do it with a smile and they listen to people, and they help others.
You never know who you will meet, what opportunities will arrive, what will happen today. So live your day being the best you you can and you will attract the opportunities that will feed your being with more of what you are already feeling. Like attracts like. Thoughts, words, and actions are all important and great but they are empty if the feeling is not behind them. Make every thought, word, and action be centered in joy, love, and appreciation. Make it a habit. And your life will change.
Peace and Blessings,
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