Crystal Placebos

I just finished a book called Crystal Power: the Ultimate Placebo Effect. The author, Lawrence E. Jerome, explains himself as being open to \”new age\” alternatives, but approaches such healing with a critical eye. In his book, Jerome claims that the placebo effect is very real, and could complement modern medicine if it were welcomed and integrated with modern medicine.

The psychological equivalent of the placebo is the Hawthorne effect.

Crystal Power was a fun little book that begins building bridges between models of alternative and western medicine. It made me more aware of my own – and indeed humanity\’s – very innate capabilities. Just imagine: if we are unconsciously healing ourselves 35% of the time simply based on our own intentions (and our doctors), what could we do by channeling that energy in a more direct way?! The power is not in the thing itself (false idol); the crystal is the tool that transmutes our intent into being through conscious ritual acts.

Possibilities are endless. The time is now!

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