Pink Chalcedony

Chalcedony taking over my coffee table

We went to Tonopah, Arizona to hunt chalcedony, fire agate and druzy quartz.

One of my favorite pieces

We made a flag with a metal pole, rubber band and a scarf. We planted it atop a hill near where we parked the car. Then the three of us descended upon the desert for five hours, searching.

We picked up many many rocks on two tours of the area. I found a cobalt blue glass soda bottle. We saw a couple baby tarantulas. We heard someone on a dirt bike in the distance. We drove out at dusk, following our own tire tracks back to the road through the creosote.

Spoils of the first tour
Baby tarantula
Bowl of chalcedony


Rosey quartz

I have lots of beauties coming through the altar space. I love adding new textures to the table: stones, fur, ceramic, wood, metal, bundles of sage.

This week I added a precious embroidered heart and star from Kiwi Pets Boutique.

I also couldn’t resist Magdalene Rose Milk and Holy Trinity Balm with spoons from La Magdalene.

My honey brought me an abalone shell to fill with treasure.

New altar pieces

And I got rid of my extra couch and made space for yoga, exercise, meditation and relaxation. Now I just have to use it!

Amethyst magic

Cat Children

My cats have their own rooms in the house. Now of course you know they both take up 75% of my bed every night like it’s their job, but they need somewhere to go during the day, now don’t they?

Elvis is an underachieving office manager; he’s basically a glorified paperweight. He sits on Jason’s desk and my office chair, like, a lot. This career path has been his calling since there was paper on a desk and a human trying to read it.

Biggie claims the guest bed as his own. Today, he brought a nice big lizard into his room for fun and games! The lizard didn’t want to play. I heard him scratching at a box and when I moved it, surprise!

Luckily we were able to return the lizard back to it’s home and out of ours safely.

Short Walk

You know it’s been a long week when your wash your face with toothpaste and don’t even realize it until you’re about to brush your teeth with the face wash. Just throw the house out the window. My face was minty fresh- I’ll tell you that!

Jewel of the Creek