Trotters for Ramen

Homemade Ramen

My husband bought a ramen cookbook. Little did he know what he was getting into! Now there’s chicken feet on the counter. I’m innocent in all this. I’m just following a recipe.

Having worked in a meat department for four years, this stuff doesn’t phase me. In fact, I feel rather accomplished that I can be so creative with the animal parts I use. I’ve expanded my repertoire in an effort to eat nose to tail, or in this case nose to toe.

So anyway, day one was chicken broth, day two pork broth. You simmer everything and then strain.

On day three, I made dashi (mushroom, seaweed, bonito broth) and tare, which is basically the seasoning for the broth that includes soy sauce, mirin, rice vinegar and sesame oil.

We got fresh noodles at Asiana market and some baby bok choy. Delish. We also bought some fresh Yuzu juice. It’s a citrus that is used to make ponzu, which is a lighter more citrusy soy sauce that we always request at sushi instead of soy sauce. We made Yuzu margaritas and Yuzu lemonade and absolutely love the tropical citrus flavor!

I’m still working on reading the soy sauce bottles so I can find a nice fermented one. Like many things in this world, the perfect ramen is a journey- a bowl we are endlessly slurping…

Ingredients for chicken broth
Pork trotters

Papaya Party

My baby papaya

At the Asian market for some ingredients to cook Thai Coconut Soup and Pork Ramen. What an exciting endeavor! The magic flavors of the Thai soup is Kaffir lime leaves, galangal, Thai basil, ginger and lemongrass.

Grab a chayote, and lots of fruit and roots along the way.

For ramen, I seek chicken feet, and pork neck bones and trotters. I’m working up the nerve to get a whole fish or some beef tripe.

Topped it all off with some fresh mochi, chocolate moon pies and that hi chew!

Top to bottom: green, Mexican and Hawaii papaya

Another Early Summer

It’s been much too warm here with only a couple days of rain. Summer is coming too soon, just like last year.

So I ventured into the snowy pines for a weekend in Strawberry with a group of awesome women. Of course I was nervous and feeling the fatigue of my chronic illness flaring up. But I paced myself and persevered in packing and got on the road!

When I arrived the nerves settled and the magic started. The air was filled with honest conversations, relaxing, laughing and connecting.

On this weekend together in a cabin, we unfolded, opened up and shared parts of ourselves that are often guarded. We expressed our truth and were heard. We cried. We embraced and then laughed and partied and ate. We communed with each other. We were received. It was a harmonious, compassionate celebration of love in action!

We painted!

I came home to two fur babies and a husband who missed me. He made us the dinner I left for him while I was gone- he had ordered a pizza instead.

I relaxed with the cats and ate popcorn. After dinner, I ran an Epsom salt bath.

Cuddle muffins
Put that coconut oil and some apple cider vinegar in there too!

I am carrying the compassion that we as women shared with one another into my daily routine. Let’s take care of ourselves and know we deserve it. We are worthy of self love.