Taliesin West Tour

I am at the home and school of architect Frank Lloyd Wright here in Scottsdale, Arizona. I meant to visit for a very long time. Upon learning that Dale Chiuly is exhibiting, I know this is the time to go. After six months on display, I made it on the final week of Chiuly and live tours.

Our guide sheds light on life at Taliesin West: FLW bought the over 100 acres of desert property in the middle of nowhere. (Today it sits conveniently off of highway 101 in northeast Scottsdale.) They sourced local rock out of the mountain to build. When they found petroglyphs, it encouraged them knowing that OTHER people survived here too!

Rock and cement make up the walls of all the structures. In the early days, the buildings are covered in canvas, secured with a redwood frame. Over time, different woods and eventually metal is incorporated in the structures. Open windows and organic shapes allow air to flow through (and also critters.) Eventually glass windows, electricity and even air conditioning were brought in.

When power lines went up across the landscape, it upset FLW so much that he declared he would NEVER look THAT way again, instead turning his attention back towards his land and the mountains behind. He added walls to the living room and built his wife a whole new tea garden.

Apprentices build their own structure on the back part of the land. There are three people who still live there today in lifelong fellowship!

Taliesin is beautifully unassuming; it melds into the mountains all around it. I am impressed by the accomplishments of all who made the place what it is and contributed to it’s legacy.

Check out my photos and see if there’s a FLW structure in your area to visit!

The day after my tour, Frank Lloyd Wright is still showing up in surprising ways. In the morning on TV, there is mention of a FLW house in Charleston.

I go to an appointment at noon. My client’s house is in the same area of Taliesin and she has six wind chimes that perfectly match the ones in the gift shop. When I go inside, she tells me that her property backs up to FLW property!

Windchime Synchrony
Chimes at Taliesin West

On my way to the deli after, I see a guy walking down the street looking and dressing like the tour guide- hat, glasses, facial hair, colorful shirt, shorts, kicks, water bottle. It wasn’t perfect- no yellow Converse- but evoked his image. Can’t wait to go back for another visit!

Mantis Party

I came across a couple mantids yesterday while I was watering and weeding out back. Yay! Check this one out.

Mantis on lavender

As I take out the trash today, I decide to water the decomposed granite. It has needed to be done for awhile so that it compacts into a hard pan. (I need less sandy beach vibes when I’m pulling trash cans across it.) For some reason, I choose today.

As I turn the corner of the house with the hose, I see something jump from my spray. I stop the water. A tiny green mantis lunges forward to the damp ground. I can see they are desperately drinking! The mantis had been hanging from a pipe that runs on the southwest wall of the house. It is over 110 degrees today. Poor thing is baking there with no foliage for cover!

My normal MO is to get a stick or container for bug relocations, but for some reason, in this moment I decide to be brave. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that I released these mantids in the yard and couldn’t even feel them on my finger!

I spray water on my hand and offer it to the mantis, who climbs on board, licking my hand as they go. I take them over to the Jasmine vine, where I have seen other mantids in the past.

I try, unsuccessfully, to dismount the mantis onto a marigold. They insist on sticking around to lick me and climb up my arm to avoid being escorted away.

I wiggle and giggle nervously, thrilled- really! that you like me- honored even! …but I’ve got to go… wash my hair. I hold up my other hand as a stop sign in front of my new friend. I pull a Jasmine vine over and gently scoop the mantis onto a leaf.

Mission complete.

Have a nice day little one!

No photos of todays mantis.

My hands were full!

Two mantids in the lavender

New Moon Circle

It’s the start of something great! For our new moon circle we set intentions for new projects that are getting underway. Going around the circle and sharing, I tear up over my health challenges because I feel backed up to the wall with seemingly no options left, but I found hope again.

The ladies want to quantum leverage that optimism and so, I visualize my best outcome and describe it to the circle. They listen and then one by one share with me their vision of my vibrant health.

You have a bigger smile than I’ve ever seen on you! You’re walking backwards on a trail in front of me and you’re laughing.. You are driving up to the mountains and launching a paddle board on a lake.. At the end of the day you cook a big dinner over a campfire.

I am so grateful for each of their visions of me. Now I take action on my plan!