Sea Monsters

    “So little is known about what lurks deep down… it’s possible seafarers several hundred years ago knew more than we do.”

Taningia danae
7 feet long, 264 lbs
Depths of 790 – 3,080 ft in the North Pacific!
Architeuthis dux aka Giant Squid
26-42 feet long, 605 lbs
Depths of 3,280 ft (half a mile) in Ogasawara Islands, Japan!
Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, Colossal Squid, 33-? feet long, 990 lbs
Depths in excess of 3,280 feet, Antarctic.
First of five known specimens NOT to be retrieved from the belly of a sperm whale!


Giant jellyfish (Echizen kurage)
From National Geographic, 2006