Fwd: Living Energies, Omen Log

1871 Emerson: A man should not go
where he cannot carry his whole sphere or circle
with him, not bodily, but atmospherically.

I ate fresh wild

with my fingers
for the first time.

Raking moss in the dingy, a large bodied
came up my leg
to stay dry.

I tested my sunglasses
with a crowbar
on a ladder,
prying burnt wood away.

Somewhere in the valley
cars VROOM and ZOOM around a track
so we, hear in the garden
engines rev.

A train rumbles by
on the other side, east
just shy of the foothills, blue mountain

All I can say w/ this place is RESONANCE
it\’s the sound bound
of a GONG
…or the dinner bell.

These times & transits – in a space between –
give the sense, where I can see,
I am living

Rusty blackbirds rustle in the bamboo.
One is dead, the rainbow glistening
off the sheen of it\’s
blue black feathers.

Saying goodbye 2 u
it\’s been a glorious day,
despite consistent cloud cover
full of the promise:

Activities of completion
harvest day, csa!
transition winter to spring
and green re-emerges

i float on a sea of it
drawing plant portraits – a
come union rite
stop, for in silence it is heard

mullein _ i feel i have, developed w/in me, this
natural ease
being connected, assimilating the
gesture of a plant

we become one

through inaction, let it be
conversing w/ a wise man
i sense what he is handing me

pieces of conundrum,
big one. i honor his messages
time for peace
walk, in meditation

over sacred spaces
i tread through fields
along the wide mowed path
and divulge into forests.

This time traveling deja vu
washes over me, here
surges, spirals, multiplies and it\’s nonsense – all
Nonsense, but true.

anyway – this peace…
i can feel it in my fingers
flowing through

my blood dances along
in its wake
energy, buzzing pulse, natural euphoria
like when i float up

my body sings
when i can feel these things
i\’m growing wings
to fly!

Happy Hen-dywork

Slow morning
Breakfast: granola and mate
Reading: Living Energies
Vortex, golden section, motion
Touch of double digging in garden

THE perfect lunch – onions (crisp and sweet) and red potatoes (lightly sauteed). These are cooked for only a few minutes so that they still retain some of their characteristics when raw. Add salt, pepper, anise seed and rosemary. Then a touch of cumin and some turmeric. Slice just a bit of cooked chicken, possible black beans – let the flavors meet and eat! Dillicious.

Cup of lightly brewed green tea
Enjoyed whilst sitting on a rock in this lawn
Who grew to double it\’s height

Construction of the Coop, also doubling
in Spring\’s first leap.
1pm to dark we toil
with dinner restored

chicks move in
as night begins,
long hot shower eases the work –
I fall right to my slumbers!