Relax, my dear

We are at the Home and Garden show and need to get across the exhibit hall to the compost talk. Jason is buying rocks at a booth and showing the lady photos of his rocks. I let him know we need to go and then walk down the aisle to wait for him to finish. We are fifteen minutes late. As we walk together across the hall, he tells me to relax.

“I AM relaxed,” I assure him.

We enjoy the talk which is funny and informative (apparently I need a thermometer for my compost pile.)

Later, we are in a candy shop with novelty socks. I read aloud the pair that first catches my eye, “Bitch, I AM relaxed.” We look at each other and smile.

Then Jason buys me a pair of socks!

My new socks

Cat Children

My cats have their own rooms in the house. Now of course you know they both take up 75% of my bed every night like it’s their job, but they need somewhere to go during the day, now don’t they?

Elvis is an underachieving office manager; he’s basically a glorified paperweight. He sits on Jason’s desk and my office chair, like, a lot. This career path has been his calling since there was paper on a desk and a human trying to read it.

Biggie claims the guest bed as his own. Today, he brought a nice big lizard into his room for fun and games! The lizard didn’t want to play. I heard him scratching at a box and when I moved it, surprise!

Luckily we were able to return the lizard back to it’s home and out of ours safely.

The Mantis Child

Mantis on squash

I have two mantis egg sacs from Arbico Organics out of Tucson, AZ. After a couple weeks, they hatch and crawl all over looking for a good meal, which is your garden pests!

On the first day after release I use the hose to water nearby and watch them drink the droplets of water.

Every day I go outside to play where’s waldo with my mantis kids. By the third day, I can hardly find any except a handful of crispy babies that didn’t make it.

There are about four mantis children in my herb garden. Usually I find them on the rosemary and squash; today I found them in the chard and lemon balm.

Mantis egg sacs
Free the mantis!
Mantis having a drink
Mantis on chard
Mantis on squash
Mantis on lemon balm

Compost Flower

The compost situation is blooming into a beautiful pile of nutrient rich soil. The hummingbird always lingers at the box as it flies by. How sweet!

I’m getting good with shredded office paper for browns but I just added used paper towels to the repertoire as well (it’s thrilling, I know.)

When I chicken-sit, my compostables get redirected to the hens. The chickens love apples and the turtles love papaya, like me! I love watching them eat.