Board games

Everything was harmonious on the cheese board, until the crackers ran out.

The cinnamon bears turned to hoarding peanuts and pepitas.

The hibiscus flowers built a cheese wall and fortified it with goldenberries. The flowers were desperate to protect their chocolate and honey stash.

Alas, twas not to be, the cinnamon bears got into the honey and then they both got eaten by me!

The End.


I watch a vast array of trashy reality shows. Except.. I. Have. Not. Watched. Jersey. Shore.

Buuuuuut then, I binge watched Double Shot at Love. And THEN, I found out about Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. I am currently on season 4.

My husband (who knows the juicy deets of my shows because he hears it all while gaming in the next room) now shouts, “AWKWARD!” at the perfect moment. My heart melts.

Now I’m wondering if I can complete the passage, and weather watching the original Jersey Shore. At least then I’ll know what the note said.. I LOVE REALITY TV THIS TIME OF YEEEAR!!!