Loleta Cheese


This weekend I took a little trip to Loleta Cheese. I went in the morning so that I could enjoy my coffee in the garden sun. First order of the day was cheese sampling. The creamery provided a taste of every variety that they carry and I explored them while peering through the large windows into where the cheese is made in big, absolutely astounding vats!

As I meandered past gift boxes and specialty items, the clerk told everyone about the creamery and its operations. Loleta had a great selection of local jam, mustard and other spreads to accentuate their cheeses. There are activities for kids in the gift shop too, like a scavenger hunt for the garden and coloring books about where your milk comes from.


Out back, the garden was a wondrous place to explore and enjoy. There were lots of little nooks throughout the space and it felt very peaceful to be there. After walking around and peeking into each corner, I sat in the sun awhile.


On the way back out I did some shopping. Made out pretty well too with a cheese board that had built-in wire, a couple bottles of Sonoma County wine and a flyer of local activities happening in Humboldt for the next month. It made a great place for my day trip, since I was looking for something different to do in the area. The drive was a scenic treat all by itself and there is a Bakery right around the corner serving sandwiches! Loleta Creamery & Cheese Shop is sure to please the whole crowd. Stop on down!

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