5 thoughts on “Wild Forest Album

  1. awesome kiddo! thank you so much!!I loved the eggs and cherry tomatoes and the colorful tree signs!! and well just everything!!felt like I was there with you.can't wait to hear from you – you joys and dissappointments and struggles. love you sooooo much. avdeventure girl!!


  2. Thanks for the slideshow Case. I really enjoyed it. My favorite eggs are Harriets.I like the block artworks on the trees.Take care,Bill


  3. Thanks Uncle Bill!We painted the blocks for trail markers – cleared the trails and then posted markers for a moon and sun loop. The eclipse was for where the trails crossed paths. It was a delightful experience… that continues!


  4. I just looked. Nice. Thank you.You should tour Asia for a little bit. Come to Thailand first. There are pictures you could take that words can't describe to the average Westerner. You'd have to see it to believe/appreciate it. I'm sure you would have a field day in SE Asia for a month – or even a week!Love and Peace,Shawn.Go Forth and Be Abundant!\”Your Perception Creates Your Reality\”


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