Infinity Bagels

bagel artistans present
Los Bageleros

Mission: Slinging bagels; spreading cheese.

Enter customer,

Who asks for a dollop of jam on his bagel, half.
In serving, I say!
“I’m sorry sir, this isn’t a dollop at all; 
It’s more of a schmear.
I hope that will do.”
Replying quickly with a smile,
“Even better. Thank you.”

\”Shape\” Shift

slug sculptor, bagel master 

Mission: We make the dough, GO ROUND

…then straighten it up again – into an honest, frank, plain-spoken slug. Mostly we mix the dough and shape it into bagel form. Some bagels get strait-laced. A slug is straight bagel. When we combine, a slug with it\’s slime, the sprinkled seasoning of everything, is INLINE, with our own unique, unswerving bagel values.

The rest of the bagels are round. We offer plain bagels, bagels with seeds, bagels specialities even, but trust me: they always make a circle. Pictured, from top to bottom: a slug, with slime and jalapeno worm,  un-proofed (Special Limited Employee Edition). And thus we have: the Tao of bagel shape (there is no Tao of bagel shape, nor are there jalapeno slugs).

Wild Man Bagelero brings students of “Jalapeno Bagels” into the Bagel Factory to meet Clink, our bagel-shaping machine. Wild Man B. asks our guests to guess how many bagels we make  in a day. Children are crowded around and peering over my stack of peels as I move newly born bagel dough onto them.

Someone calls out, “One dozen!\” and then, \”Two dozen!”

We shake our heads, \”Nope.\”
Then they cry, “Five hundred!” 
But Wild Man says, “No! It\’s more! More!”
At last, the brightest boy of all harkens, “INFINITY!” 
And he\’s right – that\’s how many bagels we make every day – infinity!
Certainly, a good enough answer for me.

If a seagull flies over the ocean, what kind of gull flies over the bay? 
A Bagel.

How many gulls fly over our bay in a day? 
5,000 bagels!

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