Come Again?

q? hyx?N?? :Z???? 😕 z??a? 4???. ?=??????? M??? 4????0 d~???? ?L???;? f??I???D?*

*Talk about technical difficulties!!

4 thoughts on “Come Again?

  1. Well, yes; thank you! I am not sure how this blogger babble appeared as a post! What gears are turning out such cryptic messages deep beneath all this winter wondering?? I have been slumbering under the surface and outside of things here in Humboldt. None published as a post yet, but the profundity is sometimes aStounding!


  2. Hey Casey,Howz it going?? Where are you these days?Maybe the answers to what I'm wondering are in the new posting – but as you can see, I can't get to it from this email that got generated from the site. You're probably getting this message from others as well!Hope to see it soon. And I hope you are well and enjoying the onset of Winter. We baked some great bread in the oven last weekend.Take care,Karl


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