Sol Stice

The day our fiery orb stands still; she stops and turns the bend;
birth of the world redeemer – Arthur, Jesus, Sun of God – Saturnalia!

The year, for me, has been steadily waning.
Since work with WWOOF (away the fall),
like a leaf on the breeze,
I head North for resolve.
Oh, Brother!
Seeking to serve & ready for adventure:
my vision fails on a (lost) coastal camp.
Heels rubbed raw; I have no soles at all!
It will be a long walk home
through winter weathering.
This morning I got a phone call; he said I didn\’t get the job.
Sad, but true; true, but sad – bittersweet, really.
It is: an (other) opening.
I do enjoy my freedom.
So, what opportunity is appropriately knocking?

I smile & see…


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