Star Seed

The Transcendental Object

…if the monkey body were to be dissolved, then we would be much more likely to define ourselves as pure information. I think this is what is happening – that beyond 2012, everybody becomes everything. All possibilities are realized, even possibilities that are mutually exclusive. Because the resolution and the realization of these possibilities occurs in a different kind of space – \”nanotechnological\” space or psychological space, or a true hyperdimension. It\’s very hard to imagine what it will be like, because we simply do not have the metaphors and the experience to cognize what we are moving toward…

My notion of the posttransition felt experience is that it is a domain where appropriate activity is the path of least resistance… And that\’s a good working definition of what a telepathic society would be like: appropriate activity. It\’s nothing more than that.

Imagine if every problem were solved appropriately, if every relationship evolved appropriately, if every act were an appropriate one. That alone would be the kingdom of heaven. And that is, I think, what we\’re pushing toward. Not cosmic fireworks or the descent of alien being in flying saucers, but simply appropriate activity – empowered, felt experience – and the abandonment of the illusion of separateness.

The Archaic Revival, Terrence McKenna

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