The seed takes flight.

and so it is
life unfolding

tonight I am given the
image of a Grand Piano
living my grand plan
offered help, in any amount
I need only be here
focusing in presence
giving strength to intuition
making peace, nurturing space
where dreams manifest
(in a way which I could not imagine:
\”Oh, life – you bugger – what a funny surprise!
Never saw that one coming!\”)
do not ask how
just feel it choose it

Make space make a space
make a space to make a space
play! stay loose stretch
eat bake run! get dressed
go outside catch yourself
improvising. just be
clear your breath
life is sacred all life is sacred
today is not a means to an end
in this moment there is more power
than any earthly accomplishment
all fleeting
except one invisible, but
right before us
it is now it is god it is
sweet surrender.

The seed takes flight.

In love, deep
romantic love
with the universe
we are matter
all matter only
matter no matter
why not exist in
this moment\’s peace
completely present
you see so much of

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