One thought on “MERCURY

  1. from Rainto Mary By the way – I have several mercurial fillings of my own that have been with me for generations. Tell Casey they make you wise, intuitive, and beautiful…not to mention humble. From: Maryoh Rain – thanks for your sweet words – I miss you. casey has 6 mercury fillings in her mouth. she says her mouth feels metalic. I told her I would help pay for her to get them removed one by one. she has already had one removed. she saw a dentist in colorado who did the work – it was cheaper than the white you know anything about mercury fillings – I had many a kid and I\’m alright. well, that\’s is this really a big deal? some of mine have since been replaced as they fell apart.anyway – it is a worry, and i want to handle it positively. Love and miss you dearie mary— On Fri, 10/10/08, Rain wrote:I sat here forever reading probably 95% of her blog. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Isn\’t it great to have raised children who are so aware and are such good people ? What a blessing. Thanks to the universe for allowing us to be caretakers of these beautiful souls..if only for a short time. Then we all get to interact with each other again in a different dimension in different ways at the same time!!! Woweeeeeezoweeeeeain\’tlifegrand. Love, Rain From: Mary Kemp Sent: Fri, October 10, 2008 1:53 AMCasey is home!!!!!!!!! for a while. my sweet daughter of 24 years left in June for a vacation in northern California with nothing but a backpack and some money in her savings acct. It turned into a 3 month adventure. She just flew home this past Saturday for a family wedding. Here is her most recent blog. Mary


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