Another job offer tempting me.
I explore the feeling of this new option.
I call, to find that I would have to “Go right now!”
I realize: that’s ALL (ways what) it would be – PRONTO!
Then come all the other considerations necessary to live …in civilization. Ew!

My heart yells out, “Casey! Don’t do it! NEVER SURRENDER!
Remain a wild child, after all that is your allure. Continue daring to be free!”
I’ll stay… gone.
Having consciously chosen this path, once again,
I enjoy the freedom before me,
Playing in the present moment with increased vigor.
In every new moment each of us choose what we are.
I’m scared sometimes because this way is so transitory, but aren’t they all?
Headspace: I am safe. I am blessed!
The world is taking care of me and lets me know by offering opportunity.
I’m taking this ride to the end of the line!

“Fear is a symptom of loss of our authority;
When we give away our authority, we should be afraid!” -Caroline Casey

I am glad I came all this way,
Up here, on a mountain, away from the
Momentum of people…

When the night
Feels my song
I’ll be home

I’m headed to the pond.
I’m going to take all my clothes off. And jump in!
I am in such a natural state,
Sitting in the garden all day.
I’ve got two more hours to give there tonight.
Sifting through foliage, what don’t I love about this?
I am fed.

Follow the throbbing heart,
Practice ritual in art,
Grounded in the natural (nature of ALL).
With a monk’s virtue,
Balanced on the path,
I shine like the Christ child!

Barefoot in the fig tree, pruning. Work trade. I’m living on loving-kindness! There is something we can barter more universal than cash; I am an independent contractor for cultivating compassion. I offer myself, a person, Peace Pilgrim, open & willing, energetic & present, seeking to serve for the good of all our relations.

“‘You have given me money, which is of no use to me.’ Jupiter is the god of wealth in the sense of limitless opportunities, which has little to do with money. Money is a by-product of true wealth, but not its source. True wealth lies in telling the right story at the right time. We honor Jupiter, and he incarnates through us, when we, in the words of Isaiah, “speak to the weary a word that will rouse them.”

Jupiter says to each of us, ‘I will make you wealthy, by your own definition. What is your definition of wealth?’ What is a wealthy life, what is a wealthy culture? Simply asking the questions initiates a journey of discovering their answers.

Jupiter says that if you write down the answer to these questions, wealth will be yours. But don’t forget to tell the story of how you got it…”


  1. The judgment has success. It is favorble to exercise judgement in the term biting ghrough is defined b the Sage as decixively ridding oneself of slander and putting on the CosmosCosmic Language of the I ChingPhil!


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