the descent of the divine into matter, Tolle

Tomorrow never happens.
It’s all the same fucking day man.
-Janis Joplin

The brain does not create consciousness, but consciousness created the brain, the most complex physical form on earth, for its expression. When the brain is damaged you do not lose consciousness because that is connected with the whole in incomprehensible ways. The cosmos is not chaotic. The very word cosmos means order. Not the type the human mind can ever comprehend, although it can sometimes glimpse. In the forest, there is an incomprehensible order that to the mind looks like chaos. It is beyond the mental categories of good & bad. Yet, everything is interconnected. The snow falls, each flake in its appropriate place. It cannot be understood through thought. The higher order emanates from the formless realm of consciousness, from universal intelligence, aligned in higher purpose. When we go into a forest that has not been interfered with by man, our thinking mind only sees disorder, chaos. It won\’t differentiate between life (good) and death (bad) anymore since everywhere new life grows out of rotting & decayed matter. There is hidden harmony here, a sacredness, a higher order in which everything has its perfect place and could not be other than what it is and the way it is. Essence. True Nature. Field of awareness. Acknowledging the dimension of being. No outer purpose lasts forever. It is subject to time. Celebrate the eternal. The whole – all things in existence – all ten thousand – from microbes to human beings. Uncompromisingly surrender to what is. The fleeting impermanence of all forms also points to the eternal. Only the eternal can recognize the impermanent as impermanent. Inner space, stillness, subtle peace freed from its imprisonment in form – a space emanating peace that is not \’of this world\’, because this world is form, and the peace is space. This is the peace of God. Life is always now. The future never comes except as the present moment and is therefore never more than a thought in head. Is that so? There is only this moment, and this moment is as it is. It is so. Events are not personalized – he is nobody\’s victim. The wise man\’s \’maybe\’ signals a refusal to judge anything that happens. Instead, accept it and so enter into conscious alignment with the higher order. It is impossible for the mind to understand what place or purpose a seemingly random event has in the tapestry of the whole, but there are no random events, nor are there events or things that exist by and for themselves, in isolation. The atoms that make up your body were once forged inside stars, and the causes of even the smallest event are virtually infinite.

-Eckart Tolle, A New Earth

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