Celestine Prophecy

There is an underlying universal pattern to way life unfolds.

1/ Taking the longer view of civilization’s purpose, we begin to see an evolution of God connection. We have set the stage to grow in lightness.

2/ A vast system of pure energy is the basis of all matter; it is malleable to intent. What we perceive as hard matter is mostly empty space with a pattern of energy through it.

3/ The earth breathes. Experience awe through a heightened sensitivity to beauty. Space. Sensation. Coordination. Uniqueness. Completeness & contentment. Enhanced presence. Sharpness. Clarity. Form. Color! The energy field is an extension of the manifest. Sense the totality in this magic, enchanted, jeweled sky dream.

4/ Humans compete for energy because they are disconnected from the One. To make up for it, they manipulate for energy. Don’t get addicted; the direct source of energy a companion provides creates power struggles. From aggressive to passive these strategies are: intimidator, interrogator, aloof, victim. An inner connection with divine energy stabilizes one’s connection with universe. Always remain present on the path of individual evolution, allowing the higher source to fill us endlessly. We fill, exhaust & synchronistically learn & grow. This is the message of the mystics, propelling us to higher vibrations, lightness & buoyancy with a constant sensation of love.

5/ Clear self. Connect to personal awareness. Transcend habit of controlling energy by stopping repeated drama.There is a higher meaning for all events leading to now: perfect synchronicity. Gain clarity in awareness of true nature, growth direction & spiritual path – this is the personal way we contribute.We are now conscious enough to take!

6/ Engage. Live & act- express! See the silver lining & within it your answers. Make it affirming, good, positive, & yummy! The evolution of self occurs via question, intuition & answer, creating a magic, happy flow. Be aware of messages as they are given, heightening everyday awareness. Take guidance from dreams, thoughts & intuitions seriously; they are real expressions of truth. Signs. Become the observer & ask why?

7/ An interpersonal ethic aids those who bring us the answers we seek. The best truth about what’s going on in a conversation always prevails. Name the control drama. Person then has to be more real & honest. No one is here by accident. Be alert for messages, synchronicity, familiarity. Stay centered in present situation. Look to the real person before you. Appreciate them for what is & the message they bring. Send as much energy as possible, allowing them to easily release any need to manipulate for energy & attention. Uplift them to reveal a message with increased clarity.

8/ Heading: heaven on earth. The truth we have to tell & the things we have to do are too unique to fit within a usual job setting. The universal principle of support is giving; when we give energy it creates a void in ourselves which, if we are connected, fills up again. Release fear of scarcity & need to control, we have an alternative to embrace: the growing spiritual economy! Our destiny is to continue to increase our energy level. As our energy level increases, the level of vibration in the atoms of our bodies increase. We are light beings. As we embrace the light, we glow from within – across a barrier between form & formless -that allows us to walk on water and on seamlessly into heaven as purely spiritual beings. We are the culmination of the whole of evolution: matter increased in complexity & vibration. It is our path to live at peace within the natural energy systems of the planet that sustains us.

James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy

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