The Mantis Child

Mantis on squash

I have two mantis egg sacs from Arbico Organics out of Tucson, AZ. After a couple weeks, they hatch and crawl all over looking for a good meal, which is your garden pests!

On the first day after release I use the hose to water nearby and watch them drink the droplets of water.

Every day I go outside to play where’s waldo with my mantis kids. By the third day, I can hardly find any except a handful of crispy babies that didn’t make it.

There are about four mantis children in my herb garden. Usually I find them on the rosemary and squash; today I found them in the chard and lemon balm.

Mantis egg sacs
Free the mantis!
Mantis having a drink
Mantis on chard
Mantis on squash
Mantis on lemon balm

One thought on “The Mantis Child

  1. Oh Casey I love the Mantis babies💕 So so tiny – what wonderful photos! I will forward to dad.

    I am just waking up at Linda’s in Palm Coast in her beautiful house. So spacious and expansive from front door thru to Lania with pool and lakeview. Every room pops with white and silver and glass and fur and leather and mirrors and black/white speckled quartz counter tops. I will take some pictures today and send to you. I brought Gretchen a Kallie toy and she loves it. They showed me Rich and Melissa’s wedding video last night – they all had such fun at Disney.

    reading in bed and about to go down to make coffee and have my quiet time its 6 am.

    Sending light and love to both of you! I miss my Tom.❤️



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