New perspectives on Drugs!

Two episodes of the podcast: The Reason Interview with Nick Gillespie

Carl Hart: Drug Use for Grown-Ups, Jan 30, 2021

This podcast definitely made me think. Carl is challenging our perceptions of who drug users are and what the war on drugs is about. He doesn’t think there should be a hierarchy of drugs where prescriptions, nicotine, cannabis and even psychedelics are accepted over others like heroin. He argues that a person either uses drugs responsibly or not. It’s not about demonizing the drug of choice. If you aren’t handling your responsibilities, then you’re immature, with or without the use of drugs.

Really interesting listen: here.

Charles Wininger, Why We Should Listen To Ecstasy and Other Psychedelics, Dec 30, 2020

Charles discusses his new memoir and practical guide: Listening To Ecstasy: The Transformative Power of MDMA

MDMA is heading towards legalization and this episode discusses what responsible use of the psychedelic can look like.

Have a listen: here.

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