Mike’s Southside BBQ

Let introduce to you to an old favorite of mine: Southside Mike’s BBQ. It is a local sauce that I have absolutely loved from first taste.


Since this fabulous product is made and prospers here in our own backyard, it is likely that you have seen Mike standing in front of a delicious smelling grill at events like the Farmer’s Market. Some of you may have even experienced his chicken wings slow roasted to perfection and drenched in the sweet-hot flavor of a homemade sauce. Inspired by his home town, Mike has mastered the Chicago-style BBQ.

Southside Mike’s is so versatile that I use it on everything from green beans to beef. It is irresistible on pork and chicken, which I feel it compliments best, but is also a fabulous steak sauce or vegetable marinade.

I know Mike well from his promotions at my store. At our Earth Day event, he draws one and all over to the sidewalk as he mans a smoky BBQ full of chicken wings marinated with Southside Sauce. In the fall he hangs out inside the store with the meat department, serving samples of turkey out of a giant crock pot with only a couple onions needed for flavor. He douses the cooked meat with his sauce upon serving, using it as a finishing touch (since the sugars in it have a tendency to burn under high heat).

Mike told me an anecdote once that has always stuck – about the goals he set when creating his business plan. He was participating in a class to develop his mission as an entrepreneur. On the form it asked what his vision was for the fulfillment of this product. His response to the question was:

I want my product to be the next ketchup; I want it to be a household staple; I want it to be in every one’s fridge.

Well, I don’t often have ketchup in my house, but what I do ALWAYS have is Southside Mike’s BBQ sauce, so his mission is alive and well in my home, heart & belly. I recommend you give it a try. It is this simple: don’t eat your meat without it!


Casey Kemp gets her inspiration as the fromager of Eureka Natural Foods. Born in Baltimore to a couple of health educators, she graduated from Colorado State with an advanced Bachelors degree in Photo Image Making. As a writer and photographer, Casey expresses her enthusiasm for wellness through the theme of local, artisan-style food. Since finding Humboldt, there has been no lack of inspiration. You can reach her at kempcase@gmail.com


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