The Cheese Cracker

The cheese does not stand alone! That would be boring. When eating cheese, one pulls out all the stops: firstly the cork, then proceed to cured meats, chopped fruit, gherkins and a myriad of sauces, creating a lavish spread that all will relish. Cheese is an appetizer that demands accoutrements!

Besides wine, the essential accessory is crackers. Delivering a bite of cheese from the block to our lips requires a platform worthy of its grandeur. Beck’s Bakery blesses us with the perfect pairing. Their whole wheat and whole rye crackers complement essentially any cheese! Nothing short of savory, these crackers are impressively simple and yet divine. They are crispy without being hard, and tasty without overpowering the feature presentation.

Beck’s are crackers that one can wholeheartedly enjoy. They are made entirely of locally grown and milled whole wheat and whole rye flour: stoneground in town! It doesn’t get any better than this folks. Wholesome grains provide important nutrients and are released slowly in the body, unlike the refined grains in so many baked goods today. Who could resist an “I heart gluten” pin after shoveling down some tuna salad with these classy crackers?


Stone Ground Whole Wheat Crackers                                                               4.5 oz bag

Who knew crackers could be this good! These are thin and crispy – almost like wheat-thins, but better. Fantastic with cheese, hummus, egg salad…

Local stone ground whole wheat flour, water, sunflower seeds*, sesame seeds*, local honey (Humboldt Honey), olive oil*, French Grey sea salt. *organic


Stone Ground Whole Rye Crackers                                                                   4.5 oz bag

Very thin and crispy with a just barely there fennel finish…pairs beautifully with goat or sheep cheeses…try these crackers with thin slices of Manchego

Local stone ground whole rye flour (Nelson Ranch – Ukiah), water, pumpkin seeds*, sesame seeds*, local honey, olive oil*, fennel seeds*, French Grey sea salt. *organic


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