The Whey of the Curd

Get with the cheese program!

The Journal wrote an article entitled, \”The Cheese Stands Alone\” which critiques the offerings of three local grocers, including our store, Eureka Natural Foods. Don\’t miss the comments section below the article; this is where it gets interesting! How many employees does it take to break an eighty-four pound Parmigiano Reggiano?

 This baby is straight outta Italy at just 16 months old – a tender baby!
In the last two months, I have managed to move three quarters of the Whee-l!
(For the greater parm!)

It took seven people in the store to make this happen: one to lift it onto the block; one to set the wire; a couple peeps to gawk; two to hold down the wheel; and one to grab the wire & help pull at the end: leaving a pair of 42 pound pieces. CHEESE!

Cheese & Love,
Cheese & Thank you
Stay sharp!

*The radio spot we recently recorded is being played locally. I will post it ASAP.

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