Mythical-Jalapeno-Asiago Slug

Newly discovered
and perhaps never again to be found…

Climbing up to be restored, came this original creation:
A slug-bagel subspecies to be honored for all ages.
Arriving at earth\’s sea floor,
His saga mounts from the molten CENT-CORE.

The creature-rising was hot, fiery and burning to PROOf its existence:
Evidence to the world, of a miracle.
A sea bass, slugs, and cucumbers too,
Were there to see his coming through.

On the waters off our coast he surfaced.
And, floating there, took in the land.
Coastline stretched wide to either side,
But this slug took it in stride.

Following a school of salmon as they passed,
He caught the current: returning the way they had come.
Upstream, upriver, like a herd of bridling broncs,
To spawn…

And with them, rose the Jalapeno – to his occasion.
And on it, the baker sprinkled as he christened, \”Asiago on the Jalapeno!\”
T\’was done. And so it was and so it is and so it will be,
Forever more in the hearts of many.

There you have it:
the story of an – original and highly anticipatedmythical Jalapeno Asiago (the Slug that never was), a subspecies.

Since-Discovered Slug subspecies:
Slug Slimer (traditional, pictured above)
Jalapeno (shiny orange skin)
Asiago* (rare, endangered, and/or purely mythical) 
Puck A\’Fish Slug (mummified remains preserved in world bagel museum)
Horned slug (pictured)

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