Tremors II…

With every great movie, comes the sequel. Aftermath at the laundromat: glass workers replace partially broken windows that, on the day of the dent (earthquake bent), nearly went – a case that could\’ve CRACKED me up(side the head).


Many buildings in town are riddled with broken windows as well as gas & water lines. Immediately following the quake, electricity was out in every town across the county. That added up to an astounding 34,000 people without power! All week here work is being done: from homeowners digging cracked pipes, to PG&E surveying in the streets. There were even a handful of homes that fell from their foundations  to condemnation.

Officials assess damages: Arnold came (thank goodness) to tell us this: California is here for Humboldt County!\” Urban search and rescue teams from around the state have responded swiftly to the Eureka earthquake, and now assist the crisis in Haiti as well. Our Governor boasted that this state has some of the best emergency response teams around …probably due to the high risk of natural disaster that exists for us daily (i.e. fire, earthquake, mudslide). More rescue boats are on order! PEACE

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