Run FROM The Cure!

I see great potential for the use of cannabis as medicine, so I am sharing what I know with you today. I post this in the hopes of hearing new perspectives on the matter, not because I have an agenda. I want to express myself and also know what other people think. In communicating our unique viewpoints, I find I learn more. Each person’s input is an important source of experiential information! We are our own caretakers: every one responsible for our own well-being. We have the right to choose freely, the medicines we employ.

Before I delve too deeply into cannabis, let me state that my platform’s foundation is firm on food! I am a believer that it’s all about what we eat. Whole food, plant-based nutrition empowers the physical body to apply its innate (and immense!) healing potential. When supported in this way, we rarely need anything else to fuel recovery and stay balanced. Real food is the best medicine we can consume – efficiently boosting our immune system into action as the body’s own insurance plan against disease. (For more on whole food based nutrition, visit my Juice Plus website!)

Now then: let’s focus on the medical efficacy of marijuana in the pursuit of compassionate care. I guess I\’m wondering, why, if hemp oil is demonstrating that it works for people, doesn\’t it get more attention? To answer my own question, I think cannabis is misrepresented to the public. We have failed to make the important distinction that separates this plant from a real drug.

The problem is complex. Since pharmaceutical companies cannot patent & profit from plants,  they are not motivated to explore this avenue. And since cannabis is a schedule I \’drug\’ (meaning it has NO medicinal value – a fate worse than cocaine and meth, which are considered schedule II) our ability to show a higher standard for cannabis has been suppressed. It has taken a long time for the medical community to acknowledge a therapeutic effect, but finally, the AMA admits that cannabis has value – read the article (scroll past video at top of page)!

Cannabis deserves a fresh look. Our primary interest should be to find what works for people.  Unfortunately, the capital motivated marketplace doesn’t always do what is socially responsible.  It is hard to see past the stigma that cannabis now carries.  But too many people are asking for change in thirteen states all across the country! Every one of us knows someone who could benefit.

\’Law-abiding\’ citizens will have no first hand knowledge of cannabis, so I will share some of it utility. In meeting marijuana for the first time (without stigma) someone might find the bud to be a potent ally for healing a host of disease; they might find hemp seed oil is a nutritional supplement that contains the perfect ratio of Essential Fatty Acids; or they could see innumerable industrial applications for hemp (uses that eager American farmers want the right to utilize i.e. food, textiles, soap, paper, and even auto body panels). There are too many practical uses to name, but hemp\’s reputation remains discredited by a political system that can\’t hear it\’s people.

The very best we can do is educate. Be proactive in your own heath and healing! As we  are allowed to do more research, doctors will become more familiar with marijuana\’s \”medical use\”. Here is an opportunity! Watch Rick Simpson\’s movie: RUN FROM THE CURE, viewed in 7 easy segments; it advocates a new approach to the treatment of cancer and other disease via hemp oil. His website is full of useful information about hemp oil as medicine. Rick provides testimonials that clearly illustrate outcomes [There are four videos posted on the front page. The last two are the best, especially, \”Hey Michael J Fox a parkinsons cure\”!]. It is wonderful to see the healing effects of this magical plant from people who have experienced healing first hand! Also, watch Sam\’s Story to learn about autism and cannabis.

Basics from Rick Simpson\’s \”Make the Medicine\” page:

Will I get high?
Following the dosage previously described, many people can take the full treatment and never get high. In regards to hemp, getting \”high\” is a joke, even if a person does take too much oil the effect wears off quickly and no harm is done. No one has ever died from the use of hemp medicine. (Watch  the parkinsons video to hear what happens when he took too much oil!)

Is this the same as hemp seed oil?

No! This is hemp oil, made from the bud and small leaves of the hemp plant. It is the essential oil of the hemp plant. Health food store sells oil made from hemp seed that is often mislabeled as hemp oil. Although seed oil is very beneficial, it does not contain enough THC to have any effect on cancer and other serious illnesses.

Are hemp and marijuana the same?
The word marijuana is one of over four hundred slang terms used worldwide to describe the cannabis and/or hemp plant.

How do I use it?
High quality hemp oil can be vaporized, ingested or used topically. Add the oil to creams and salves for external use. …Hemp oil will lower blood pressure and if you are on blood pressure medication, you may find that this medication is no longer needed. The same is true for diabetics. I have seen hemp oil control blood sugar to the extent that insulin was no longer needed.

I am not a doctor and I do not have the right to tell people what they should do. Personally, I would not consider taking any cancer treatments currently in use by our medical system, I do not recommend that hemp oil be taken along with chemotherapy. What would be the sense of making your own cure and then allowing the medical system to give you massive doses of poison?

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