Winter Wondering

We need to cultivate a sense of mystery

…Not to be confused with an unsolved problem;
a mystery is by its nature mysterious
& will not collapse into a solution.
We are unfamiliar with that kind of thing.

-The Archaic Revival,

Terence McKenna


Back, again.
Telling stories excitedly to Ma & Pa as we
Put away for dinner. Winter.

This familiar garden, softening each time I pass.

The final harvest is saving kiwi from frost!
I meander the garden after our scuttle, before dark.
The sun’s last glow warms the air.
Soon the heat will fade. It is barely five o’clock.
Plucking tiny tomatillos –
Grapes left on a flaming orange-yellow vine,
Retreats. Into a cold night.
Wither and die.
Back to our unconscious.

One thought on “Winter Wondering

  1. Back to our unconscious.Ever-returning.Hi, just the ever returning past, its been a long time but truly not but a moment has are you Casey ?


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