Climate Changes

When I left my home in Maryland to travel cross country,
I had no idea that I was on special assignment
To be a part of the United States delegation of youth
From the parallel universe of Annapolis, California!


Maryland’s capitol city of Annapolis is 38 degrees North 42’,
While California’s tiny town of Annapolis is 38 degrees North 59’!]

In a conference on climate change called Seal the Deal,
Youth from around the world met (via webcast)
To discuss and voice their demands for dealing with the climate,
and it\’s changes.

Despite our very special location of Annapolis,
The group was introduced as \”San Francisco\” for the webcast.
I think this is a funny point, since,
Rather than being from the big city several hours south,
We WWOOFers represented states from all over the country:
Nevada, Michigan, New Jersey,
Louisiana, Florida, California,
Maryland, Texas, & Colorado.
AND, we participated from the wild, coastal backwoods!
From off the grid! From atop our compost thrones!

The community that I came so many miles to be a part of
Models a lifestyle that honors the planet’s natural rhythms.
And so, from my perspective, we had a lot to share at this conference.

We discussed pro-actions for government, citizens and individuals.
The last segment explored personal commitments for climate change.
There was one promise that, I think, profoundly affected us all:
WWOOFer Charlie pledged, “No more snack packs!
I will not purchase individually wrapped candy!
I can cut the king size with a knife!”

I think most of us considered ourselves already committed (in one way or another… “The ocean is my mother!”). I feel like my pledge came naturally, through the experience. I drove my car only a handful of times; for 1 1/2 months I did not purchase gas. I also adopted a handkerchief: soft on my nose & saves paper (It\’S-NOT that big a deal!).

You don’t need to brush your teeth so frequently when you only eat fruits and vegetables. And, (special bonus) you don’t really need to wash your body as frequently then either because you don’t smell bad when your body is fueled with what it naturally runs on. You just smell, like you! And that’s okay in the middle of the woods.

Finally (and probably most important of all), the stuff your body doesn’t use (yeah, that shit) IS A RESOURCE, not waste! Our excrement is a rich source of nutrients that (given a year or two composting) the garden will THRIVE on! (What kind of a dingle berry craps in its water supply, anyway?) Just think of all the times it avoids flushing a toilet.

During my stay I took four showers, one moon bath and a river dip.
Basically, my carbon footprint all but DRIED up!
The biggest thing I’ve become conscious of is that
What heals the earth, heals the heart.

My soul feels good, clean, natural, real!
I must be doing something right!
Love & Light

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