\”Hello! I am…

adjective 1 she was absent from home / an absent child AWAY, off, out, nonattending, truant; off duty, on holiday, on leave; gone, missing, unavailable, nonexistent; informal AWOL, playing hooky. ANTONYM present.
2 an absent look DISTRACTED, preoccupied, inattentive, vague, absorbed, abstracted, unheeding, oblivious, distrait, absentminded, dreamy, far away, in a world of one\’s own, lost in thought, in a brown study; blank, empty, vacant; informal miles away. ANTONYM attentive, alert.
verb (absent oneself); Rose absented herself from the theatre STAY AWAY, be absent, withdraw, retire, take one\’s leave, remove oneself.

I\’ve been gone some time now.
And I guess you are beginning to wonder,
Well, so am I –
Beginning to wonder!
Beginning to-ward wonder!
…seems that every time i plan something – another thing happens to modify the initial plan. much unfolds from this rolling in, in rolling with the waves of consciousness (like kneading to be loaved) Note: expect the unexpected. I\’m not thinking anything. I\’m going to see what comes. On the wind! Over the plane! In my heart. I just trust – it will work itself out. @ each crossroads, each division: new opportunities – many paths to take. how can i tell you? where are the words? none define the moment, the feeling of now.

And I go. A new chapter has begun. I’m off – under construction – new structure. i dont know if im moving so much as i am floating westward. i love it: life on the road, floatin\’ on the wind, not knowing. you really feel the love when you are doing this. communing with brothers and sisters, trading our healing arts – studying mystic astrology to gain a more complex understanding of all the planetary forces and energies and how they co-mingle. networking, exchanging energy, i say hello, …hello, hello! I am a planetary force! This is a much needed retreat. Looking forward to garden goddess greens…

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