A Meditation, Practice

We meet each morning
all together in circle
to check in with ourselves
(through ten minutes of silence)
and to check in with one another
(by sharing our experience).

Then we set an intention for the day
to be carried out through
our practice, and our plans.

We practice relaxation
in body, mind and emotion.
Often this is based on teachings
from john g. bennett or gurdjieff
as this is the lineage
of our community coming to be.

In the body: we focus on a place of tension,
breathe, and send the breath there
to melt strain and disperse said pressures.

In our emotion: we focus the breath in our heart center,
to sense its tone, and allow the breath to purify what is there
with our awareness of it.

In the mind: this is the hardest place to find rest.
by breathing into the present moment,
and labeling our thinking, \”Thoughts.\”
We transcend them and find Now.

We break at each half hour,
close our eyes
for several breaths:
a simple reminder
to be.

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