My Cat the Superhero!

Molly B.
has been throwing MAD HISSY fits as of late.
She\’s super puffed out to the extreme
and using the full force of her fluffy power.

Here\’s her fight stance:

Molly BING is certainly a force to be reckoned. When it comes down to it, she\’s a big SOFTY – wears it on her shoulder, actually (forms a kind of mane…). She is aloof in her administration of our home, commanding attention the same way Venus attracts and elicits response. Molly enters and settles down just out of reach, looking smug and way too good to trifle with anyone. Little Miss Priss knows that all we want to do is get a hand-FULL of fluff!

As Caroline Casey puts it: \”The universe is a Mars-Venus dance… Whenever [Mars] is in the grip of pompus bravado, [Venus] enters the room. He cannot help but bow to her, and his crown tumbles off his head. Mars and Venus remind us that there is a play and counter-force to every energy.\”

For Molly Bing, things are changing. The precious feline fluff-ball\’s territory has been compromised by Mars, and her puff has gone aggressive! Just when I thought the cat could not get any more POOF-ed, she does! Molly walks up to me now with an air of expectation and looks at me needing a back rub – no, excuse me – demanding it! She is so very put out and jealous at our new housemate who has gobbled up my attention this past week. It\’s kind of hilarious, because she tries not to seem desperate, but I can tell she\’s at the end of her rope. I give her a quick stroke on my way down the stairs, but it\’s not enough; she gets all grabby on me with claws and teeth!

Meet our new housemate:

Let me explain. When I invited Playful into my life, I had no idea it would come in puppy form! My brother adopted Kali, a pretty girl pup of four months. Since he works and I\’m a bum, I have become her puppy sitter! Like a baby, Kali takes a lot of time and energy. It has been quite an adjustment for the family, since we have never had a dog in the house before and we are used to this place being run by our feline friends.

Despite the change, everyone is falling for her (with the exception of Queen Molly Bing). Mom says, \”I thought all dogs were just slobbering idiots …but I like her; she has her own personality!\” Dad was so excited about the puppy that he immediately ran upstairs and grabbed old man Taylor cat so he could introduce him our new friend! (Actually… now that I think about it… maybe he had other motives…)

Here\’s Molly spying on the pup from afar:

I relish the sound of Kali romping up the stairs to careen herself into bed with us when bro has gone. Surprisingly, Molly stays at the foot of the bed (her throne) when the pup comes bolting in to join. Sometimes there is a bit of hissing and tension, but we usually nap a couple hours together. It\’s a crowded scene! I just wish that Taylor hadn\’t bailed; we would be, like, ten times more cozy!

Molly B. certainly does stand her ground. She is a no nonsense kind of cat. Kali jumps around, begging the cat to play along, then hunkers down whimpering when Molly shoots super intimidating laser stares her way. Molly is never impressed. This is not funny. She conditions the pup to be fearful by blocking off roadways (entrances & stairs) with her puff, stare and swat. The other day Molly blocked off the hall, effectively trapping Kali upstairs – got the pup so agitated that it scared the shit out of our her, literally!

We patiently watch this Mars/Venus dance, hoping that they find common ground soon! If anyone has helpful tips – please do comment below! Until then, we\’ve just got to laugh …and do a lot of cleaning up.

\”Mars and Venus have a secret love affair,\” claims Caroline Casey in Making the Gods Work For You. She explains: \”In a wonderfully complex novel, The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four, and Five, Doris Lessing delineates the necessity of the Venus and Mars relationship. The Empress of Zone Three is very Venusian. In her realm, everything is lovely and harmonious – vegetarian, precious, and tasteful – with New Age music wafting everywhere. She receives word from the guardians of the universe that she must descend to Zone Four and marry the Klingon-like, meat-eating, crude, vulgar Emporer, who is unadulterated Mars. The encounter is profoundly and usefully disturbing to both the character and the reader… The novel expresses the view that relationships are not necessarily for mere ego happiness. Actually their function is to contribute something necessary to the evolution of the universe. Good relationships are good for the world, and are therefore an arena in which antagonisms are worked out.

In Lessings fable, the Mars zone had become too crude and primitive. Divorced from Venus, with no ideals and nothing to protect, Mars had simply degraded into belching and brawling. Similarly, the Venus zone had become effete and too cute, pretty, lacking the fierceness of beauty. Both realms had become undynamic. They had to meet in an appropriate dance of antagonism so that the universe could evolve.\”

2 thoughts on “My Cat the Superhero!

  1. Molly is such a BULLY! I heard Kali whimpering in the other room. When I came to see what was the matter, Molly Bing had her trapped in the office! This is not the first time! I had to shoo her off!


  2. Kali (pretty girl) is half pit bull and half staffordshire terrier. Last night as I turned down my bed, I discovered a bone tucked neatly under my pillow! How nice!


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