How much longer do I wait?

\”The answer came to me. Wait as long as you need to. The waiting is as important as the doing. It\’s the time you spend training and the rest in between; its painting the subject and the space in between; its the written words, what is said, what is left unsaid, the space between the thoughts on the page, that makes the story, and its the space between the notes, the intervals between fast and slow, that makes the music. It\’s the love of being together, the spacing, the tension of being apart, that brings you back together. Just wait, he will return.

I\’ve got to do something, I told myself, but I didn\’t know what. Just waiting there and watching… wasn\’t accomplishing anything, but swimming around in circles wasn\’t accomplishing much either. Maybe if I think very hard [he] will hear me. Maybe [he] won\’t know my words, but will sense my brain waves. Maybe [he] will hear my feelings with [his] sonar. Maybe [he] will hear me calling [him] through the water… Please, come this way, over here! I shouted with my mind…

I thought as hard as I could. I didn\’t know if it would work. I didn\’t know if anyone could ever know. But I had to try something. You don\’t have to hear the words to know someone cares about you. You don\’t need to hear the words to know someone believes in you. You don\’t need to hear the words to know someone loves you. You feel it; you know it.

I projected my thoughts: be patient. Wait. Nothing is all good or all bad. As a problem develops, so does the solution. Rest here. I will tread water beside you. You will be okay. I know it. I feel it. It will all work out.\”

This is an excerpt from the book Grayson, by Lynne Cox that I just finished. I think her story is a beautiful metaphor for trusting what you feel and intuiting your way through. In Neptune\’s sea (that engulfs our consciousness) there are many ways of communicating and connecting. (Water is our spiritual conductor!) Her words are so simple, and yet so profound. She speaks of her experience helping a baby grey whale find its mother, but reveals the power of magic!

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