CHAPTER 5: Planets Align

Shortly after sunset
Your presence is often the best present!

I am planning a backpack trip to the Lost Coast of CA and wanted to get some sky maps before setting off with Russell. I found this sync: \”
Wednesday, August 20: Venus and Mercury are closest (at appulse) today. They\’re 1° apart from each other after sunset Tuesday, today, and Thursday. That\’s about a pencil-width at arm\’s length. This is just the beginning of an amazing series of conjunctions involving four of the five classical planets that continues well into September: the four-planet dance. Mars, meanwhile, is gradually moving toward them from the upper left day by day, and Saturn is fast disappearing to their lower right.\” Venus and Mercury are going to be 1 degree apart! My companion for the journey is a Libra (ruled by Venus,) and I am the Virgo (ruled by Mercury) – so this idea that we are going to be 1 degree apart over the next three days is absolutely true, especially with the size of my tent! Ha!

2 thoughts on “CHAPTER 5: Planets Align

  1. Hey Casey! It\’s good to see that you are still enjoying much of what life throws at us. I have a lot to catch up with as far as reading through this site and becoming more informed about your adventures. Send me an email sometime!


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