I am a gateway of god-light,
Channeling invisible energy into action.
I try to make an art of it.
My life, a celebration, beauty in form.
This is passion. This is creation.

The language my spirit speaks, to the four directions.
An entranceway altar: a token of bounty.
Sand dollars & stones, notes & incense,
Grapes, roses, lavender, a raven’s feather,
Tree nut seeds for time travel. Abundance abounds!

I was emerging from an ugly flu, well.
I had cleaned ill out of my tent, re-embracing life.
My bags were packed; I knew not what was on my doorstep.
Pages caked with frustration & agonized rambling lie
Crumpled and burnt in a hollowed stump.

Douse the ash.
Rinse, release & resurrect.

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