CHAPTER 2: Week 2: Farm Jive

By the end of the first week, many of the difficult physical adjustments are made: I’m starting to hum. I get insights into place: I live in squirrel town (come to find out). Morning & night there\’s this scratchin\’ scramblin\’ scurryin\’ – whoa – the rhythm of the squirrelly. We are just a hole in the hill, he\’s happenin\’ all around me, squirrel-motion mixed with the big, black-hooded jays (blue). I’m throwin\’ glances (gettin’ jumpy) when there’s just a rustle in the leaves!

We crack open a yellow watermelon to see how they are coming along. Munchin\’ on da grind-age! At lunch I walk down to my campsite – whoa – watermelon rinds on my doorstep! Who brought these here?? At first I thought it was a kind-of weird omen. Then I remembered that it was probably squirrelly. Ah ha ha! It\’s where I live. You so squirrelly! It explains why my very first basil bunch was critiqued, \”Little squirrelly. But nice!” Ha! Who knew I was under the squirrel influence the whole time! Make my bouquets on the extra squirrelly side – basil rose, sunflower. I appreciate that. Here\’s some Queen Anne\’s Lace. Yum.

Two squirrels are in a bar. One squirrel turns to the other and says, “I was so drunk last night, I f*#ked your mother.” The other squirrel turns to the first squirrel and says, “Dad! You’re drunk! It’s time to go home!” This happens to be the second question you get asked when you start working on the farm: do you know any jokes? And then they are exchanged. Do you know what to call cheese that isn\’t yours? NACHO CHEESE! (CHALLAH!)

There’s this pumpkin in the patch. This one special pumpkins. Yeah there\’s a lot of great pumpkins out there, but he – this one in particular pumpkin – is called Doctor Chubby. The name came up while we were all standing over the patch one day admiring the up and comers. PRO-duce! He was not just a Mister, no – DOCTOR Chubby is a name that inspires: crowning champ of the patch! Doc Chub & his relations are checked on most everyday: a couple here, some body there – grabbing an extra moment to peel back the foliage and eye him up. Good ol\’ Doc Chub! Pumpkin gets a lot of attention. Especially from Pat, who just so happens to be a pumpkin himself. Pat planted Doctor Chubby and all his relatives. He harvests the Chubbiest of the family to be crowned victors at the county fair. He’s got his eye on several for his birthday party in October too.

I think the whole thing is grand. You see, I’m a snap pea. I\’m snappy, I\’m quick, I\’m down. The first question when you work in the field is, “What kind of a vegetable are you?” Current crew hosts two pumpkins, iceberg, broccoli & brussell sprouts. Other vegetables visit, like last week we welcomed the spice of life, garlic to town! You just never know what kind of vegetable is gonna come down the way to hang out!

For now life is characterized by…
Cutting rosemary for dry,
Monotony bears down: one pops open.
By the black berries, a conversation begins…

I am bobbing in the sea, flowing in the rumble of waves! There is such fluidity to waking-dream life that it all goes effortlessly together in one rich (turbulent) flow. I work hard, feel strong & satisfied, eat A LOT of the freshest food on earth & sleep like a rock. Two naps a day! Great contentment. Great joy. Distractions are almost completely eliminated. I am very present. I share & amplify awareness – mirrors in the eyes of one an other. Libra breathes the bountiful beauty of Venus into shared space. Art has function and pancakes are in the oven! Life is good.

I frequently deja-dream. It is a moment that washes over me in waking life – so familiar. It’s as if you lived this moment once a long time before and it has just revisited you, with blessings, or it is a reminder that you are on your path because it seems so right to feel this sensation in the given situation. It never made sense in the dream, not until now, materialized before you, could you understand the perfection of the moment. Grace. Gratitude. It is a deep sensation of fruition & satisfaction. You are on the path! This is your personal omen. All is well.

In the fields I try to imagine how the fig trees
And basil leaves,
Busy themselves,
Through the night. They are
Constantly immersed,
In the grip of mother earth (ground down).
I want to be with them.

I am baptized by the Salmons cleansing currents:
Russell says this river is color of my eyes: Salmon River green.
Icy blue green translucence dancing over sandy stones.
In the slow swell of a deep channel,
I float free! What a satisfying act:
Bathing & floating with light glit-glit-glittering on the silvery surface.
Water rumbling by beneath…

Syncronicity surfacing…
The great sea god brings many strands,
For to weave.
First, be cleansed, be forgiven, be free!
The river’s melodic movement makes me see
It is IN MY HEART to make peace,
Let it float on, released! Welcome change.

In dream state: I levitate!
It is real enough in dreaming.
Enthusiasm propels me until I am floating on air!
The unbelievable becomes real.
I am lifted, lighter, especially in the morning, still groggy,
Laying hay on the hillside, putting the leeks to bed,
Free-floating in the sea of my own consciousness.

Every night on my way to bed I get side tracked by beauty of the sky.
There are so many stars here (this love has no ceiling).
The heavyweights are always out early.
They hold down the sky; define the time.
Mystique enraptures me.
Mystery has captured man since the start of all things.
As the full moon approaches, energy builds in our remote (stellar) community.

It is with the tides of the earth,
Although we do not always understand our (re)percussions.
Energy blossoms with the moon at its pinnacle;
A balance is struck. You find us hula hooping in joyful commune,
Hooting & hollerin’ in the light!
An animal instinct emerging from deep within?
Cycle wanes; the season’s change.
Happy & Humble on the Hillside

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