AKU-AKU, Heyerdahl

United by heaven (spirit) & earth (matter).
One from above, One from below.
We are all joined – together – on this plane,
To create being.
Consciousness – crossed & connected,

Twined through the heart of humanity.
To know the truth, all you have to do is close your eyes.
I tried to visualize the mayor’s Aku-Aku. It was doubtful whether he himself had any clear picture of its outward appearance. But behind its magic veil it must have been the personification of his own thoughts, conscience, intuition, all that could be put together to convey the idea of an invisible spirit: something free & unconstrained, without bones, which could lead the body to do the strangest things while it lived, and still remain behind alone to guard a man\’s cave when he himself and his crumbling bones had vanished…
When the mayor asked his Aku-Aku for advice, he stood as still and as silent as when he was talking with his dead grandmother, who disappeared, along with his own train of thought, the moment I allowed myself to speak. He stood deep in meditation, putting questions to his own conscience & listening to his own intuition: he talked to his Aku-Aku. Name it whatever you will – everything in a human body that cannot be measured in feet or pounds – the mayor called it his Aku-Aku. And when he had nowhere else to put it, he let it stand by his left knee. Why not? It was always roaming about in the strangest places anyhow. -Thor Heyerdahl (Norwegian), Aku Aku, 1957

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