rivers in veins on leaf island

I feel the river course through my veins. It’s rush, thrush, pressing down in intensity. The residual vibrations of years, as they grow. I cry it pours out of me- this energy pulsing into, through me, connecting me to intersecting vibrations. Ripples of energy overlapping, pressing outward, maintaining their perfect circle, a reflection. All of us mean something to each other, this unspoken connection takes different form, but life comes out of me relentlessly (i.e. I communicate) in ways I can’t totally understand, but springs from a well deep within. Ants crawling all over me, tiny little traveling tickles, and I let them tread their path. Sometimes their tickle is unbearable, but other times it is all but forgotten in the contrast of another moment. I know I must let it all go, for the fate of the world is change. The cat drinks and chews on oat grass. Bob lays it down full of love. My body clenched itself, tightening around the rock in my stomach and gasping. But I am aware, at the time. In the torrent of this divine love and sadness, compassion and suffering- wonder. I am overcome with the purrr of that river, the thrashing, powerful, gentle, fluid push of that flow and being free enough to go go go with it. Everything and nothing is still buggin’ me today. It’ll still be buggin’ me tmrw! For today I’ve let go of spelling, to dos or picking up. I am in heaven. I sit here in my gym shorts soaking in the peace after a rainstorm. There’s water in my window screens.

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