Live For Now

Orange roams the surrounding landscape. I make my silent greeting. A celebration of awakening commences: birds chirping their cheery response! First one, faintly, then another, three, four and a whole choir takes flight! The brilliance of their song echoes the sparkles of the sun, both flitting about in every which way. As light comes to land, the indescribable is echoed in sweet birdsong! What harmony! What honor! What gratitude overflows! Each day unfolding brings infinite gifts, as long as we accept them as such; now is, eternally, a celebration of life.

It is still dark as I climb to see over the tiny foothills carefully rising off flatland. As the horizon is revealed, the sun also emerges through a pink blush. It steadily rises in a kaleidoscope of warming hues. Here, on this incline, I have found a truer bed than any: cradled against the whole of the Rocky Mountains! I am bundled in goose down, on a mattress of snow drifts, my snowshoes planting me surely to the ground. I rest, and float into sweet sleep, while remaining subtly aware, supremely present. Light (a beautiful vibration of color) immerses the hillside in the truest rhythm, a pulse of Oneness.


“…now time is NOW! The problems you have that you want resolved cannot be solved until you go to the now and only then they’re solved. Many times the timing of that confusing attribute can only be at the moment of the solution to the problem, which is naturally at the end of that test’s journey. That’s where the solution is. We have told groups before that humans have a tendency to see crossroads coming and they don’t know what to do. A required decision is looming in the distance so what do they do? Some humans decided to sit down and worry about the issue. The ones with the now overview, however, are the ones that say, “We cannot make a decision at the moment, but we’ll know later.” It’s against human nature to do this, because it voids planning ahead.

Dear ones, blessed is the human being who has the overview of knowing that the solution to the problem is ahead at the crossroad. And that bravely, without anxiety, he or she walks up to it and looks for the direction sign–out of sight before, but viewable when he or she gets there. The sign says, “Turn right or turn left.” And it’s at the crux of the crossroad where it stands, and often only viewable when you arrive there. That’s the now. That’s the honored spot. And it’s going to remain that way as long as you live…

…The hardest part will be the last minute part. It may be an oversimplification, but we have said it before: If you want to know how God reacts to humans, take a look at how nature and God react to one another. For the mechanics are all there for you to study and actually observe. The bird wakes up in the morning but it does not have a storehouse of food. Each day it must create its own sustenance and its own reality. Each single day, at the last moment, it must go out and find food for itself and its children. And what does that bird do when it awakens in the morning? It sings! If you’re following this metaphor, then you understand what we’re asking you to do.

When you awaken in the morning, even though you do not know how the [problem] is going to be solved, celebrate and sing regarding the solutions which are there in the now for you. Sing! With that attitude, dear ones, in will come the energy that you’re singing about… For you are powerful, and you can easily create what you need.”

-Kryon Channel, Adelaide, Australia, August 16, 1997

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