mercury diRE:ct

This period of Mercury\’s RE:versed course in the sky (Jan 11 – 31)
has RE:ally wRE:aked havoc!

HeRE:\’s our list of mechanical failuRE:s:

*The hose on my car\’s transmission blew forcing us to flush the system, RE:fill with fluid, RE:place and RE:install a new hose.
*Our washing machine was RE:quiring constant RE:boot. The RE:pair man found that the motor had blown and RE:commended a new one.

*The transmission in dad\’s car stopped working and after having it towed we found out that the plastic battery covering had come loose, pRE:venting the car from shifting gears!

*Our friendly neighbor\’s brakes blew. Her dad had to RE:install new.
*Another neighbor\’s puppy had to be RE:homed, since that neighbor was to RE:turning to RE:formatory.
*I RE:configured tables at my photo job because the managers disliked our original setup.
*I RE:quested a salad from two diffeRE:nt servers because the first was uncooperative.
*My brother\’s RE:homed puppy RE:gurgitated on me!
*And the grand finale was when my friendly neighbor\’s hot water heater pipe blew, filling her house with smoke & steam, which demanded an additional RE:pair from her dad the next day! What a week! What a month!

I am so RE:lieved that we are RE:leased from this holding pattern! Anyone else find that they had a lot of RE:viewing and RE:doing this past month? Tell me about it (comment below)!

Since the flow is on the go: what a shift! I had an awesomely mystical dream to RE:initiate movement forward from that Mercurial mess (while it was RE:tro I couldn\’t remember a thing from nighttime slumbers)! I have noticed an opening, especially in my breath. There is less anxiety and tension in my body and I am more able to take a deep breath, create space and relax! Awesome! Plus, my neighbor returned one of my sweatshirts that had been missing! And the pup stopped throwing up! She is acclimating awesomely to her new home. She helped the delivery people bring in our new washer (by prancing in their path) and after some tug of war with the soiled blankets I was loading, she lay next to me in front of the fire for a nap. Shew!